Tina Lawson Address Beyonce Trolls: Now We Know Why Nobody Follows You!

Beyonce, Tina Lawson

Tina Lawson Address Beyonce Trolls: Now We Know Why Nobody Follows You!

Tina Lawson,  formerly Tina Knowles, does not play about negative hatred coming towards Beyonce.  She reposted Beyonce’s video, which was posted on her Instagram, asking for her fans to sign a petition, demanding more charges to be brought on all of the officers involved in the death of George Floyd,


After some negative comments rolled in under Beyonce’s post about how she was speaking, down to criticism of the filter used in Beyonce’s video, Tina Lawson hopped in the comments, telling fans to stop trying to find something to complain about, and just listen to the message,

She followed up her message with some clarification on her own post as well, addressed to fake accounts,

To all you haters most of your accounts are private the rest of you didn’t even post about the murder don’t vote and never gave a penny to any social cause are not gonna do a d*mn thing ! Contribute nothing to the betterment to the world. of the Now we know why no body follows you ! You do not count!”
Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer co-signed and commented,
“you don’t have to justify why or what you or your kids do for society. It’s crazy you’re being attacked.”

Octavia Spencer

Tina Lawson replied,
“Thanks my friend ! It’s just frustrating with these ignorant people. They make it hard for you to put yourself out there!!!”
Stars like rapper Trina also echoed Tina Lawson’s sentiments as fans encouraged her to pay no mind to the accounts who are just trying to get under her skin,
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Authored by: Demi Lobo