2 Atlanta Cops Fired After Using Excessive Force To Arrest 2 College Students

2 Atlanta Cops Fired After Using Excessive Force To Arrest 2 College Students

Two Atlanta Police Department officers were fired on Sunday (May 31st) after video swarmed the internet showing them using “excessive force” on two college students following protests in Atlanta.

Morehouse and Spelman college students Taniyah Pilgrim and Messiah Young describe this as the worst experience of their lives.  The incident took place in downtown Atlanta, where cameras show the officers breaking the windows of the vehicle, tasing them and pulling them both out of the car.

Atlanta’s Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says that she was disturbed when she saw the video and ordered the charges against the young man be dropped, while the young woman was never charged,

“As we watch the video today, it became abundantly clear immediately with the young woman that this force was excessive.  It also became abundantly clear that the officer who tased the young man needed to be terminated as well.”

One of the officers involved in the standoff say that tasers were used because they were not sure if the two college students were armed or not,
“I heard officers say gun two-three times, not being able to see the hands of the passenger and being that she was in my immediate sight I deployed my city issued taser to defuse the situation.”
Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields says she was even disappointed watching the video,
“This video was really shocking to watch in how we were manhandling a couple of young people in their car” 
A total of five officers were involved in this incident, two of them were fired, while the other three officers are on desk duty pending further investigation.
Check out the shocking video below:

A friend of the two, Samaiya Butler, set up a GoFundMe was set up with a $150,00 goal in honor of the two students.
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Authored by: Demi Lobo