Kehlani Says Music Industry’s Blackout Day Is ‘Bullsh*t: These Posts Ain’t Doing Sh*t, Bail Your Listeners Out!

Kehlani Says Music Industry’s Blackout Day Is ‘Bullsh*t: These Posts Ain’t Doing Sh*t, Bail Your Listeners Out!

Different forms of protest and social media hashtags have recently formed amid the death of George Floyd by the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. It appears that music executives and artists in the music industry are also trying to show their solidarity in the fight for civil justice. Music executives Jamile Thomas and Brianna Agyemang started the #theshowmustbepaused initiative which will take place today (June 2nd). This is meant to be a blackout day for the music industry where normal business practices are paused in hopes to bring awareness to racial injustices that take place in America. Many musical artists have shown their support for #theshowmustbepaused including Mick Jagger and Quincy Jones who posted the following online

Labels have also posted to their official media accounts announcing they will be joining the blackout that’s planned for today.

The music industry’s blackout day has received a lot of feedback and not all of it has been good. Singer Kehlani has let it be known that she feels that this one day of blacking out isn’t doing enough. Kehlani took to her Twitter account to express her disappointment with the #theshowmustbepaused initiative. 

In response to a tweet that Spotify would be adding moments of silence in front of some of their content in support of George Floyd, Kehlani told the streaming company to “open ur purse” instead. 

She then told the music industry to help bail out those that have been arrested for protesting. 

She continued by directly calling out the ‘blackout day’

“this black out tuesday , industry black out sh*t B*LLSHITTTTT”

When a fan asked her is she thinks the day will be useful Kehlani farther explained why she is against it

“f*ck no first of all. the major release day is FRIDAYS. tuesdays not a big deal. no releases should come out at all for the week sh*t maybe for the month. and if they do, these companies need to pledge to giving the Black artists who release ALL THE MONEY MADE FROM IT. f*ck it.

Kehlani wrapped up her tweets by sharing that she loves the initial message of #theshowmustbepaused but she feels the original information for the day wasn’t being properly shared. 

“now, #TheShowMustBePaused innitiative started by two black women Jamila Thomas & Brianna Agyemang dedicated to disrupting the music industry for a day… love that.  seen less of that tag and proper info on that… industry folks need to specifically boost the ORIGINAL info”



She continued:

“i don’t want anyone thinking that’s what i called out as b*llshit earlier. what i called out was a bunch of suits on instagram saying black out tuesday for the industry. with no context. no nod to the original organizers or the original flyer.”

What are your thoughts on the blackout day? Let us know in the comments. 

Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel