Kehlani Addresses Recent Comments About Her Ethnicity: It’s Okay To Call Me Mixed


Kehlani Addresses Recent Comments About Her Ethnicity: It’s Okay To Call Me Mixed

R&B singer Kehlani (real name Kehlani Parrish) took to her Twitter Saturday (May 23) to address the conversations surrounding her ethnicity. It all started with a post from Lana Del Rey, who felt her music gets criticized for “glamorizing abuse” and name-dropped a couple of women whose songs have reached the top of the charts recently. She used names of artists such as, Doja Cat, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and Kehlani as examples of women who have had number one songs about being sexy, wearing no clothes, and cheating.

Twitter users felt as if Lana Del Rey was exclusively calling out black women in her controversial post.

But it was this tweet that sparked the conversation about whether mixed or biracial people are black.

It seems that Kehlani has witnessed the conversation about whether or not she is black, and decided to address the controversy. In a tweet the singer said,

“i keep being mentioned lately so i wanna say it’s OK to call me mixed it’s not a diss it’s ok to recognize i do not face the same issues as black women w 2 black parents it’s lowkey aiding in erasure to do so it’s ok to call me mixed and it doesn’t take away me black it’s ok to-“

She continued and responded to a fan who asked her why she continues to confront things said about her:

“there’s a difference between addressing rumors and addressing important conversations in which my voice and platform could aid/amplify.”

She ended her discussion with,

“and don’t turn this into a struggle moment cuz even that’s a huge privilege that people can’t figure out what i am. down to for conversations, down to learn n grow always hmu love y’all eat some fruit drink some water & pray”

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla