Trina Apologizes For Controversial Comments About Looters: I Take Full Responsibility, It Was A Mistake

Trina Apologizes For Controversial Comments About Looters: I Take Full Responsibility, It Was A Mistake

“Love and Hip Hop: Miami” star and 99 Jamz morning show host Trina has been the subject of scrutiny after she made comments on her radio show about protestors in Miami. While speaking with her co-host Trick Daddy about the Miami curfew, she compared the looters to ‘animals on the street,’

“They need to make the curfew from 6 pm to 6 am. That’s how I feel. Keep everybody off of the streets. These animals off the streets that are running around in Miami Dade County acting like they have escaped from the zoo. Lock them up at 5 pm so the streets can be nice and clean.”

The comments caused a social media outpour of comments, and even a petition to have Trina fired from her radio show was created that has almost reached 12,000 signatures.

The comments also led to a back and forth Twitter beef with former LHHH star Masika Kalysha.

Once Masika Kalisha caught wind of Trina’s comments, she voiced her opinion on Twitter and called on Trina’s long time rival rapper Khia, to drag her,

“[Khia]…beloved…please come drag this coon Trina back to the swamp b4 I get ha…Woke up to check my stocks & this soggy ole baggy eye bum cryin me a d*mn river cuz she shoved her nasty foot down her own throat. B*tch go take a nap. Talkin bout she ain’t scared of the police cuz she legal. THATS THE POINT!!! BLACK PPL ARE BEING HUNTED & SLAUGHTERED BY THE POLICE IN BROAD DAY LIGHT FOR ABSOLUTELY F*CKING NOTHING!! YOU CAN BE 100% LEGAL…& THEY WILL STILL UNLOAD THE WHOLE CLIP IN YOU A**…WAKE TF UP U DUSTY BAGGY HAG”

Trina’s radio station 99 Jams issued an announcement that Trina would be addressing her comments on the air today (June 4.)

Her apology came this morning (June 4th), where she says that she is hurt that she offended so many people.

I just wanna say that I apologize sincerely, to everybody I offended by what I said. I spoke passionately about people destroying our community here in Miami, Florida, Dade County, Liberty City, the inner cities. I’m not trying to take away anything from anyone or anybody that was abused from the police.

She continued,

I can see where that was insenitive… So I take full responsbility because it was a mistake.

I’m hurtin but I am standing with everybody else. I am posting, I am promoting, I am here for my people.”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo