Masika Kalysha Blasts Trina’s Rant On Protests, Trina Responds: Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth, B*tch!

Masika Kalysha Blasts Trina’s Rant On Protests, Trina Responds: Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth, B*tch!

Rapper Trina is raising eyebrows with her explosive opinions on looting during Black Lives Matter protests. During her morning radio show with co-host and “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” co-star Trick Daddy – Trina controversially referred to looters and violent protesters as “animals:”

“They need to make the curfew from 6PM to 6AM. That’s how I feel. Keep these animals off the street that are running around in Miami-Dade county acting like they’ve escaped from a zoo. Lock them up at 5PM so the streets can be nice and clean…everybody’s about to lose they mind…that means tear up our city?…and go and tear up Bayside Marketplace and tear up my friend’s shop that has a son and a kid to take care of her family? You go and demolish her shop?…she got insurance, but she’s also been locked down for 60 days like us, and she also don’t got money like me- so I don’t approve of it.”

Trina continued, noting that she is equally outraged by her brother being killed by another Black man:

“We can’t bring back nobody’s loves that’s been taken away, whether it’s by the police or the hands of another civilian…I can’t bring back my little brother life! His life was taken by the hands of a Black man! So what are you saying?…the same lives that are taken at the hands of black people, right? Those black lives matter, too, huh?…a life is a life…I don’t have to be careful what I say. I’m a grown person…you or nobody else is gonna tell me how to say it…half of y’all marching don’t even care about this man! [George Floyd]”

Former “Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta” star Masika Kalysha caught wind of Trina’s comments, and weighed in on social media. Masika referenced Trina’s ongoing feud with rapper Khia and wrote:

“[Khia]…beloved…please come drag this coon Trina back to the swamp b4 I get ha…Woke up to check my stocks & this soggy ole baggy eye bum cryin me a d*mn river cuz she shoved her nasty foot down her own throat. B*tch go take a nap. Talkin bout she ain’t scared of the police cuz she legal. THATS THE POINT!!! BLACK PPL ARE BEING HUNTED & SLAUGHTERED BY THE POLICE IN BROAD DAY LIGHT FOR ABSOLUTELY F*CKING NOTHING!! YOU CAN BE 100% LEGAL…& THEY WILL STILL UNLOAD THE WHOLE CLIP IN YOU A**…WAKE TF UP U DUSTY BAGGY HAG”


Trina immediately responded with a lengthy round of insults:

“First of all you should do something for the community and focus on your sh*t. You don’t know me and it’s best to keep it that way…H*es like u always got something to say b*tch u always running your scary a** mouth b*tch. But im the one…Yea b*tch this ain’t tv. So Keep my name out your dirty a** mouth…”

Trina and Masika Kalysha continued to go back and forth with profanity-laced rebuttals.

Trina then used an old colorist comment of Masika’s as a receipt. The rapper tweeted:

“aren’t u the same b*tch that takes sh*t about black people. Wtf are u talking about !!! You just want attention.”

Yikes! What do you think about Trina and Masika’s back-and-forth? Let us know in the comments!

Authored by: Miata Shanay