King Bach’s Black Lives Matter Poem Garners Mixed Reactions [VIDEO]

King Bach

King Bach’s Black Lives Matter Poem Garners Mixed Reactions [VIDEO]

Social media personality turned actor, King Bach (born, Andrew Bachelor) is receiving mixed reviews after he performed a powerful poem on social media about Black Lives Matter.

The former Vine star’s two-minute performance expressed his passion and anger towards the killing of black men with the names of men and women written on the top half of his body, including Ahmaud Arbery, Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice.  He says,


They say, “A black man was killed, but destroying these buildings has to stop.”
Destroying these buildings is a problem but an innocent black man should never be killed by a cop

They say, “Yo Bach you shouldn’t speak up you might lose some of your brand deals.
My people have been dying to injustice for centuries I don’t give a damn how a brand feels.

In my comments talking bout All Lives Matter.
That’s because whenever you hear the word shoot it’s always followed by a ladder.
COVID nineteen is what we were told to fear.
19 years a Minnesota cop, called a career.
See that’s how long he was on the force,
Before he killed George Floyd with no remorse.
He put his knee on his neck without a worry or care,
While big man Floyd was gasping for air.

Cops go thru life with care and ease
While one of my brothers pleads I can’t breathe.

Quick to do the whoa and dance Savage on TikTok.
But I been looking at your post you been silent so kick rocks.
If you want people to believe that your active and woke.
Then put your money where your mouth is and go out and vote.

Im no longer trying to live on a hope and a prayer.
The only way we can make real change is go and vote a good mayor.

Names became hashtags and theirs deaths we could avoid.
Say it loud I’m Black and I’m proud
Rest In Peace George Floyd.


Thanks to @dexterdarden and @saydaword for helping me with this

Since posting the poem on June 4th, the King Bach has garnered mixed reviews.  Twitter user @jaynic0le stated,

“I’m cackling you couldn’t PAY me to finish that King Bach video”

Some fans caught on to the fact that Tamir Rice’s name had been misspelled with “Tamar” instead.  @bbypooch writes,

“King Bach putting “Tamar” instead of Tamir Rice is further proof that the whites can have him”

Another Twitter user seemingly recalled the days that King Bach used skits via platforms like Vine to make jokes about black people.  She said,

“i will never take king bach seriously like we anit forget all the stereotypical jokes he made about blk ppl especially blk women”

While Twitter users seemed to be going in on Bach in a negative way, his followers on Instagram seemed to show him a lot of love.

King Bach hasn’t commented on any of the negative energy he’s receiving.

Authored by: Robin Ayers