Actor Daniel Bellomy Best Known As ‘Zeke’ In Power Book 2: Ghost Receives Support From Fans Following Tense Interview About His Sexuality

Actor Daniel Bellomy Best Known As ‘Zeke’ In Power Book 2, Speaks Out Following Interview Question About His Sexuality & Says He Was Derailed In Interview

It’s safe to say things got a little awkward for actor Daniel Bellomy, however his fans are showing him major support!

During a recent interview, things got pretty intense, when the ‘Power Book II: Ghost‘ star was grilled about his sexuality. The interview begins with Bellomy being asked if he has a girlfriend, in which he replied,

“I’m a single individual right now”

When asked if he had any girls when he was in school, the 26 year-old actor hesitated,

“I kinda don’t speak about my love life….There’s so many different titles especially today. Um, where I find myself is desiring someone who wants me and is willing to accept me for who I am…And it’s a daily challenge.”

The interview then turned a little confrontational as the podcast host seemingly was frustrated with how Daniel Bellomy was answering the questions. The host went on to ask the actor if he’s ashamed to come out as gay and admit they likes men. He asked,

“If you do, no disrespect to you, but if you do aren’t you supposed to not be ashamed of who you are?”

Bellomy replied,

“I’m very proud of who I am.”

Daniel Bellomy

The interview then grows frustrated and yells,

“Were you born gay?…I didn’t want to yell but you forced me..You’re trying to answer the questions politically.”

He ends with asking the actor if he’s ever been with a woman. Bellomy replies,

“I’m not going to talk about my sex life.”

Fans quickly came to the actors defense, noting the interviewer crossed the line with seemingly trying to force Daniel to reveal his sexuality. See reactions below:




Daniel Bellomy took to Instagram Tuesday (Mar.15) to address the now viral interview. He shared a childhood picture of himself and wrote a lengthy caption sharing his thoughts and emotions.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole