SZA Has An Uncle Who’s An Officer In Ferguson But Still Wants To #DefundThePolice


SZA Has An Uncle Who’s An Officer In Ferguson But Still Wants To #DefundThePolice

Although R&B singer SZA has an uncle who is a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, she still is joining the fight to ‘defund the police.’ She tweeted,

“My uncle is a black officer in Ferguson .. I love him .. so much. Still gotta defund the bih”

A fan commented, calling people who agree with defunding the police, “f*cking dumb,”

She responded,

“Listen here DUMMY . Jewish and communities have privatized police and ambulance all the time. No one says anything .. why we can’t REBUILD On a larger scale?”

Comments began rolling, some agreeing with defunding the police, others simply wanting to see the racist cops removed.

SZA also made a pledge to pull over every time she sees a black person being arrested. She wrote in a post that demanded justice for George Floyd.

“I will stop every time I see a black person pulled over . I will DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO PROTECT BLACK LIFE . I will NEVER get used to seeing murder and constant Black Death on my timeline . Rest in Love Big Floyd?? your death is not in vain. We love u ??. #ICANTBREATHE .. AGAIN #justiceforgeorgefloyd…”

“Insecure” actor Kendrick Sampson who has been seen on the front lines of protests in L.A. has made it his mission to defund the police.

He also tweeted about defunding the police after he was hit with rubber bullets and batons during a protest.

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Authored by: Demi Lobo