‘Insecure’ Actor Kendrick Sampson Shows His Bruises After Being Shot w/ Rubber Bullets During Protests in L.A.

‘Insecure’ Actor Kendrick Sampson Shows His Bruises After Being Shot w/ Rubber Bullets During Protests in L.A.

Over the weekend, HBO’s “Insecure” actor Kendrick Sampson was seen on the front lines of the #BlackLivesMatter protests in Los Angeles, in light of the death of George Floyd. In multiples clips that aired live on TV, Kendrick Sampson is seen going head to head with officers protesting.  He’s even seen being hit with batons, and other aggressive tactics by the police.

Following his run-in with LAPD, she shared on Twitter that he was glad it was all caught on TV so that the world could witness how the police were shooting at protestors in L.A.   He also confirmed that rubber bullets made contact with his body and he was in fact hit with batons several times, causing him to have to get stitches. He wrote,

Kendrick Sampson posted photos of his wounds on Instagram warning his fans that they would “look gross,” but he’s grateful that he was hit in close range because it could have been much worse:

“Before you swipe – If you’re squeamish – warning – these are SOME my wounds up close. The most obvious are from rubber bullets. They look gross but I was blessed to be shot directly from close range and not have much worse, ive posted some in my stories. These things HURT and are DANGEROUS. The dude was aiming for folks HEADS. Rubber bullets have killed folks and can cause permanent damage, brain damage, concussions etc. Swipe further to see some of the officers. I can see some of their names but their badge numbers were on the back of their helmets. Purposeful. ONE OF them removed his name. Others obscured theirs. I need the names and badge numbers. DM them and any other proof to @alwaysbewright Let’s do this. And together let’s end this legacy of slave catching and #DefundPolice#DefendBlackLife(check out @mvmnt4blklivesnationwide campaign for US ??)”


Those bruises were not going to stop the actor from still coming out to protest in L.A. again. He joined thousands in protest earlier this week in front of Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti’s home, and then he led another protest in Hollywood with Kehlani, and actresses Amber Riley, and Logan Laurice in attendance. They chanted to have their voices be heard to remove the LA Mayor.

“Chant down Babylon, Black people are the bomb, We Ready, yeeeeaa F**K Garcetti” Electric Slide on @ericgarcetti front lawn aka OUR front lawn! #DefundThePolice ?? ************************************************************
See if you can spot @osopepatrisse@kehlani @chikalogy @msamberpriley@loganlaurice”

Kim Kardashian recently offered to pay for the doctor bills of a protestor that sustained injuries during a peaceful protest turned violent in Minneapolis,

Kim Kardashian said she felt compelled to help the young woman, and called on her fans to help her find the young woman, to provide monetary help if needed, she wrote,

“This is heartbreaking and so disturbing. Does anyone know how I can get in contact with her? I would love to help her with her medical care if she needs it.”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo