Former “WAGS: Miami” Star Calls Out E! & NBC: They Canceled Our Series Because We Are Black!

WAGS:Miami’s Hencha Voigt

Former “WAGS: Miami” Star Calls Out E! & NBC: They Canceled Our Series Because We Are Black!

Former WAGS: Miami star Hencha Voigt is calling out E! after the network released a statement saying that they were standing in solidarity with the black community. We initially broke the story that the WAGS series was being cancelled back in 2018.

E! released a statement in the midst of the nationwide uproar against the recent cases of police brutality and racism in the U.S. The protests were sparked due to the recent murders of unarmed black civilians such as George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, along with many others in the years past. In the statement the network released, they said,

“E! stands in solidarity with the black community against systemic racism and oppression experienced everyday in America. We owe it to our black staff, talent, production partners, and viewers to demand change and accountability. To be silent is to be complicit. #blacklivesmatter”

The statement did not sit well with Hencha Voigt, who starred on E!’s WAGS: Miami. In response to the statement, Hencha called out the network and tagged the ladies that starred in the other WAGS series,

“Ok @eentertainment@nbc this is a major lie and I have a bone I’ve been wanting to pick with you guys for almost 4 years now. You guys have been wanting answers and asking us every single day in our comments, lives, dms, why our shows got canceled. This is why, the real reason of @wagsmiami & #wagsla , #wagsatlanta got cancelled?!!!!!! Well, apparently there was a new executive on their board that didn’t like the image of our show. Whoever that executive was thought the shows were too, **let me find a good word for it**, “GHETTO” to be on E! What’s the definition of ghetto?… ghet·to
/??edo?/ Learn to pronounce
a part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups.
put in or restrict to an isolated or segregated area or group.”

Hencha continued,

“When I got hired the first thing they said was can I change my hair to straight hair. They didn’t want my Afro or any of our braiding or protective hair styles. I told them that’s how I got casted and picked, if they didn’t like my hair like this which is me they can chose someone else for the job. They knew there was no show without me so they let me be. Same with our braiding hairstyles @darnellnicole @ash3nicole
We were the ONLY shows on @eentertainment history to ever have that many black people combined and they didn’t like that! They didn’t give us no warning, no apology, not even an an email to warn us that we were getting FIRED! We were all so confused, hurt and disgusted! When I say WE i speak for all of us @darnellnicole @ash3nicole @favenliuget @dominiquepenn_ @thesashaway @autumnajirotutu @sincerelyw @telliswift @iamhopesodope @nichecaldwell @thebrandirhodes @arielashleyy @misskierraa @keshadenise”

She ended the post with saying,

“The show was an AMAZING Show. The whole world still talks about it. The show got cancelled Because WE WERE BLACK!!!!! I’m so sick of holding my mouth, this Entertainment industry is racist too! All actors, rappers etc we suffer because of Racist Executives, that use us as pawn to have a hand in black culture and then dispose of us when they don’t need us anymore.Remember Don’t ever make theses people make you feel less of who you are because of your skin color. It’s NEVER YOU, It’s Them!”

Many of the other ladies from the WAGS series agreed with Hencha and also posted their own dissatisfaction with the way that the network treated them.

Ashley Nicole, who starred alongside Hencha on WAGS Miami agreed with her former castmate and even gave her own account about some of the things she dealt with from the producers,

“Stop it @eentertainment ?? Y’all know good and well yall do not care to show representation of POC on your network. Wags Miami had amazing ratings and was cancelled…. if it had not been for the many times I was asked to not wear braids and to straighten my hair and the other countless times yall felt I was acting “too black” I probably wouldn’t feel this way. But then when I turn the tv on to see who we were replaced with, it all makes sense. It’s a shame because I got and still get so many people reaching out saying how happy they were to see black women shining the way we did. I have yet to see another show on this network that captures how women of color are amazing mothers, entrepreneurs and business women, and better yet showing beautiful strong black families. It’s sad y’all passed on the opportunity to show the world how great black people are through your lenses and im literally smh… This is a movement, not a wave. Be ready to put your money where your mouth is and do the work. ??”


Dominique Penn, who was on WAGS LA also responded to E!’s statement, claiming that she was asked many times to not wear braids and more.

“Yea the f**k right!!! They don’t give two s***s about black people! They had me on a whole show in 2017 and showed what? That I could be civil in some drama? I had a whole business at the time @strollersandmore A REAL STORE FRONT and @eentertainment didn’t show it not one freaking time. Yet I had to sit and watch a clothing line that wasn’t even out yet. They never truly supported black women unless they were arguing but anything other than black they were arguing, going on trips etc. I was surprised that they even filmed Sasha in Trinidad (I felt because they had to cover their asses). I repeatedly told them I’m an author, a store owner etc and still received nothing yet I had to go back and fourth with Amber (a racist) about NFL players kneeling. Want to talk about treatment? Hell I went to a whole photo shoot and they had my husband mistress at the time as my picture! @eentertainment doesn’t give two damns so they can save it!! Unless you’re friends of the Kardashians they aren’t f*****g with you like that!! It is what it is!! Support us by having a show that shows strong black women who are business owners etc. Show that! All the money you have made @eentertainment donate to BLM or the communities of the very people that you praise be f*****g on. How about that!! Miss me with the fake support. They cut so many scenes that we actually had fun on!! Things that would’ve boosted our ratings on!!! You wanna support us start with the people that you cut off. Take a meeting up so you can diversify your portfolio! I challenge you to that! @henyvbaby@ms_michelle@telliswift@ash3nicole@darnellnicole@favenliuget@autumnajirotutu@iamhopesodope@sincerelyw@thesashaway We are worth more than drama we have real stories! Period?? We know how to give balance and tea like tf.  Btw this is a message of frustration not anger!! There’s still so much more that I didn’t say! But honey I hope they really try to hold meetings with more black people so they can know how to represent us, and treat us. Not the ones that only fit in the bubble. @ms_michelle and I begged them to show us a trip that we paid for and they refused so yea… they major cappin @eentertainment@nbc”

Sincerely Ward, who starred on WAGS Atlanta, reposted Hencha’s post and added her own two cents on the situation.

“She said what she said! Thanks for speaking on it Hencha. Also look who got the spinoff @natandliv_e when @ash3nicole and @darnellnicole were equally deserving”

What are your thoughts on the ladies of the WAGS series calling out E! for not being sincere with their statement in support of the black community? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla