“WAGS” Reality Star Explains Why E! Canceled Show

EXCLUSIVE: 'WAGS LA' & 'WAGS Miami' Canceled

“WAGS” Reality Star Explains Why E! Canceled Franchise

It’s been confirmed, WAGS has been canceled.

Back in February, we exclusively reported that both WAGS LA and WAGS Miami had been canceled. Our sources revealed that the decision was due in part by suffering ratings and a less-than-impressed E! exec:

There is a new top executive that’s making a lot of changes in terms of programming, especially when it comes to non-scripted projects. They weren’t a fan of the shows anyway and the ratings weren’t strong enough to consider moving forward.

Dominique Penn

Now, WAGS LA star Dominique Penn has confirmed the news. She explained,

WAGS is canceled, the whole franchise. I think there was to the head people of E!, they brought on a whole new staff of development team, and I don’t think [the show] fit with what they were looking for anymore so they decided to cancel it.

Penn went on to discuss her life on the show and whether it depicted who she truly was.

It was a great experience for me because it came right on time but I don’t think it really showed who I was. I’m a fun person and I’m all about women empowerment, I have my own businesses, and I really felt like they showed a lot of the other women with clothing lines and photo shoots and all this stuff and I’m like, ‘Hold up girlfriend, Dominique has a whole bunch going on’ — it may not be in the fashion world, but I have a lot going on, I wish they would have showed more of that.

Dominique Penn is married to Donald Penn of the Oakland Raiders.

Authored by: Eleven8