Saweetie Calls Out Southwest Airlines After Her Hairstylist Is Kicked Off A Flight For Having An ‘Attitude’: Unacceptable! [WATCH]


Saweetie Calls Out Southwest Airlines After Her Hairstylist Is Kicked Off A Flight For Having An ‘Attitude’: Unacceptable! [WATCH]

“My Type” rapper Saweetie, real name Diamonte Harper, is not happy with Southwest Airlines and how they allegedly treated her hairstylist, Sonia Cosey, on a flight home recently. Saweetie says her hairstylist was removed from a flight for “giving attitude” to an attendant.

Saweetie posted a video on Instagram showing the ordeal. In the video, you can hear security and another person arguing about the Sonia being removed from the flight. A man also inquires about why Sonia has to be removed from the flight as Sonia asks what she said. Meanwhile, a guard is trying to get her off the plane. The person recording is Whitney Harp, Saweetie’s aunt.

Saweetie posted the video with a caption recapping the conversation that led to the moment caught on camera and also expressing how she feels about the situation:

I AM UPSET I received a video this morning of my hair stylist being kicked off her flight because she was accused of having an “ATTITUDE”. She was asked to put her bag under the seat by a flight attendant. She responded “I flew here like this”, as she continued to put her bag down. He then accuses her of having an “attitude” and calls security. Another attendant (the woman with the vest) comes to escort her off where the POLICE are waiting for her at the plane door. I have been a customer of @southwestair since I was a child and am very disappointed with the privilege that was used to kick her off. After a 13hr shoot, having to experience this, then having to wait another 5hrs for another flight is UNACCEPTABLE !!!!!! I’m so sorry you had to experience this @beautyizacraft

Model Slick Woods commented and said she’s experienced similar treatment.

“Grey’s Anatomy” star Ellen Pompeo also called out Southwest in the comments.

The hairstylist, Sonia also posted about the ordeal on her own account and had this to say:

This morning Southwest kicked me off my flight because the flight attendant said that I was threatening him (with no words) He asked me to put my crossover bag under the chair. When I flew here my purse was in the chair on the side of me. Flight attendant never told me to put it under the seat. So when he asked me the first time I took it off my lap and put on the seat next to me. He asked a second time. I put it under the seat. The flight attendant then goes to tell somebody else on the flight I’m giving him attitude. Keep in mind I NEVER SAID 2 WORDS TO HIM. He gets the supervisor and 5 officers.

She continued:

At this point phones is out and everything is being recorded. They didn’t have nothing to say after that. Im disgusted with Southwest and I will NEVER fly with them ever again. How you feel threaten without me speaking a word IS F*CKING CRAZY

She continued,

Other stars like supermodel Slick Woods have recounted similar experiences to Saweetie’s hairstylist. Slick commented on the post and said the “same thing happened to me for breastfeeding”

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