Mayor Of D.C. Sued Over Black Lives Matter Mural, Lawsuit Reads: BLM Is A Cult!

D.C Mayor Muriel Bowser

Mayor Of D.C. Sued Over Black Lives Matter Mural, Lawsuit Reads: BLM Is A Cult!

The country applauded when Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser approved the striking statement of having “Black Lives Matter” painted in bright yellow letters on D.C.’s 16th Street street leading up to the White House. Muriel Bowser revealed the painting along with the street’s renaming of Black Lives Matter Plaza on Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday.

But the mayor is now being sued for the gesture. The lawsuit accuses her of,

“…[paying respect] to the Black Lives Matter liturgy at the taxpayers expense.”

The suit was filed by Pastor Rich Penkoski on June 10th. Court documents state that Pastor Penkoski is accusing Mayor Muriel Bowser of treating the anti-racism movement as a religion and forcing it upon D.C. residents via the 16th street mural. He calls it:

“…public ritualistic atonement ceremonies and incantations.”

Court docs also added:

“Defendant Bowser’s paramount objective was to convey to the Plaintiffs and all other taxpayers the Black Lives Matter cult, which is a denominational sect of the religion of Secular Humanism, is the favored religion of the city and the Nation and that another who disagrees with their gospel narrative is a second class citizen…[we] do not want to be coercively required to kneel before the altar of the Black Lives Matter cult as Defendant Bowser is symbolically and directly requiring through her erection of the challenged displays.”

Meanwhile, even the D.C. chapter of Black Lives Matter is dissatisfied with Mayor Muriel Bowser. They issued this statement last week:

“This is a performative distraction from real policy changes. Bowser has consistently been on the wrong side of BLMDC history.”

Mayor Bowser has since made a statement. She tweeted,

Black Lives Matter Plaza is a place for healing and strategizing, protest, and redress. Thank you to the artists, DPW employees, residents, and demonstrators who continue fighting for change. Together, we stand to say it loud and proud: #BlackLivesMatter

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Authored by: Miata Shanay