B. Simone Faces Some Backlash Over Transgender Comments [VIDEO]

B. Simone

B. Simone Faces Some Criticism Over Transgender Comments [VIDEO]

B. Simone is making some headlines over some comments made while discussing the transgender community. Today (June 16th), a three-year-old episode of her appearing on a podcast called “WHOREable Decisions” began to ciruclate online. The episode aired April 22, 2017.

On the clip, B.Simone can be heard saying,

“You can’t do that s**t in Atlanta, you might get swiped up by a tr***y. Which I have nothing against the LGBT lettuce bacon tomato community but I love all y’all one of my best friends is a tr***y but she’s honest and open. In Atlanta its the DL stuff that’s a problem. Yeah its not a problem at all I have friends that are transgender I have friends that are gay one of my best friends is gay.”

The podcast hosts then start discussing who could be considered a transgender person. B. Simone interjects when they discuss the difference between someone who is taking hormone medications and someone who is a cross dresser,

“But they’re taking hormones, they’re trying to eventually change into a woman like a guy that has breasts and you look like a woman but you have a penis.”

The ladies start discussing Caitlyn Jenner and B.Simone states,

“He still has a penis right? He’s transgender. See listen transsexual, transgender means I am now a man calling myself a woman transsexual means you got the sex change. Transgender is like you’re a different gender.”

Listen to the clip below.

Social media users have also been sharing their thoughts about B.Simone’s comments and did not hold back. Here are some of their reactions:

The podcast controversy comes amidst accusations that she allegedly plagiarized her new book Manifest The Life You Want. See some of the alleged accusations below.

Rapper Meek Mill defended B. Simone and wrote on his twitter page,

B. Simone later addressed the situation, writing on social media:

“I have built my career on complete transparency and vulnerability. I have shared my lows and have celebrated my highs for the world to see, and this moment wont be any different. I want to be honest with you all ALWAYS! Like most creatives I outsourced a team to help me with the details, the graphics, the wording, the arrangement of my book. I trusted this team of individuals to take my vision and translate it into what I hoped to be a map towards manifestation. I have reached out directly to every content creator that was disadvantaged an I am doing everything I can to fix this issue and make everyone whole.”

She continued,

“Even though this was not intentional, I am still so very sorry to the content creators and i understand their frustration 100%. To my supporters I apologize, you trust me to deliver honesty and authenticity and although some things were done without my knowledge I am the leader and I dropped the ball. I am working everyday to be a better human, a better woman, a better professional, and to do that successfully I have to own my shit. Thank you to those of you who have supported me. I am genuinely sorry that this happened and I vow to make it right.”


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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla