“Welcome To Sweetie Pies” Tim Norman Lashes Out At Ex, Claims She Had Sex With A Member Of The Production Crew

“Welcome To Sweetie Pies” Tim Norman Lashes Out At Ex, Claims She Had Sex With A Member Of The Production Crew

Tim Norman is now speaking out in response to the ongoing drama between his mother, “Welcome To Sweetie Pies” Ms. Robbie, and his ex-girlfriend, Jenae Wallick, over allegations that his ex is not allowing his mom to see their shared son, Timmy.

The public dispute began when Ms. Robbie posted a photo on Instagram June 22, wishing her grandson a happy birthday followed by a three-part video series where she said she would fight for her rights to see little Timmy.

Happy Birthday Timmy ! Grandma love you even though I can’t see you. Your daddy side of the family misses you and one day we’ll see you

This resulted in Tim Norman’s ex, Jenae Wallick responding with her own account of the story in a series of Instagram posts and screenshot messages between herself and Ms. Robbie.  Her allegations include claims that Tim is a deadbeat dad and had been abusive to her in the past.

Now, Tim Norman is addressing the dispute and he responds to some of Jenae’s allegations.  He begins with saying he would never disrespect his son’s mother but continued on to say he now has to defend himself.

Tim Norman claims that the last time he spent time with his son, when he dropped Timmy back off at home, Jenae allegedly had the police there waiting for him.  He states,

“You had the police waiting on me in the backyard when I was coming to drop my baby off.  You set me up.  You don’t do that to no black man.”

He began responding to the allegations that he is a deadbeat dad.  Tim claims that he purchased her a number of expensive cars, furniture, a home, and clothes.

“I ain’t working no more,”

Tim continued,

“I’m not on TV.  I don’t have a image to protect. I’m not getting a TV check, I don’t have to answer to OWN.”

As he continued spewing allegations towards Jenae, Tim goes on to claim the reason he left her was that she slept with the cameraman of their production crew. Though he claimed to not have any ill-will towards the man she allegedly had relations with, he stated,

“You was with the boss when you slept with the help, so that’s why I left in the first place.”

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Authored by: Robin Ayers