Jason Derulo Says He Makes ‘Far More’ Than $75K Per 10 Second TikTok Video

Jason Derulo Says He Makes ‘Far More’ Than $75K Per 10 Second TikTok Video

Singer-songwriter Jason Derulo is finally confirming, after widespread speculation, how much he makes for his infamous TikTok videos.

Jason Derulo has become a TikTok star during quarantine with some of his over-the-top scripted videos on the app.  He recently celebrated having 22 million followers on TikTok by attempting to eat 22 burgers.

“Thank y’all so much for 22 million. This time, instead of making a mini meal, I’m going to eat a mini meal for 22 burgers, [in two hours].”

In a recent interview, he talked about the similarity of how he is now the “King Of TikTok” to how DJ Khaled once took over Snapchat.

DJ Khaled

“I do see the similarity you know when Snapchat came out it was like it was he kind of took over the world right? It was it was it was all about Khaled and I think with that particular app I mean he was just able to show it himself more than than we’ve ever seen him. I think it’s the same thing with TikTok I’m able to able to show who I am.  Whereas in other apps I didn’t thrive as much because I couldn’t show me. Whereas I feel like TikTok is all about creation and I love just building things from nothing, I love writing songs, I love screenwriting I love I love making fun of myself, so anytime I’m able to just create something from nothing, those are the moments that I really thrive.”

He also confirmed, if his bank account increases $75k, for every 10 seconds,

“Okay I can’t you know, I think it’s tacky, to say what I what I do make from them but it’s far more than that.”

Check out the full interview below:

Another viral moment from the singer was when he pretended to chip his tooth.

In a TikTok video posted to his Instagram, Jason Derulo is seen smiling and talking about a new “life hack” that he’s wanted to try. The video shows a corn cob attached to a power drill that he’s holding and eventually turns on. As he puts the corn cob to his mouth and begins eating it, the power drill appears to give way too much power and suddenly, the singer lets out a scream and then shows his two front teeth that look like they have been chipped!

He also got creative with the special effects when he pretended to shave his eyebrow off:

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Authored by: Demi Lobo