Jason Derulo Tries To Eat 22 Burgers In 2 Hours

Jason Derulo Celebrates 22 Million TikTok Followers By Eating 22 Burgers

Singer-Songwriter Jason Derulo , 30, celebrated having 22 million followers on TikTok by attempting to eat 22 burgers. In his latest TikTok video, he thanked his viewers for helping him reach 20+ million followers, before disclosing how he planned to celebrate the achievement. He said,

“Thank y’all so much for 22 million. This time, instead of making a mini meal, I’m going to eat a mini meal for 22 burgers, [in two hours].”

Check out images from Jason Derulo’s attempt at 22 burgers in two hours.

Jason Derulo failed to meet the goal of 22 burgers in two hours by the end of the video. Instead, he finished 20, and told viewers that if two million people decided to unfollow him, he would understand why.

We previously reported on Derulo last TikTok antic, when the ‘Colors’ singer pretended to chip is tooth, while eating a corn cob. In the video, Derulo is seen holding a corn cob attached to a power drill, which he eventually turns on. When he brings the corn cob to his mouth and begins eating it, the power drill seems to provide too much power and suddenly, the singer screams and then shows viewers his two front teeth, which appear to look like they have been chipped!

Along the video uploaded to Instagram, Derulo captioned:

Don’t try this

Watch Jason Derulo attempt to eat 22 burgers, below.

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Authored by: Cierra Jones