Kanye West Missed Deadline For South Carolina Ballot + Says Jay-Z Is ‘My Favorite Candidate For VP’

Kanye West, Jay-Z

Kanye West Missed Deadline For South Carolina Ballot + Says Jay-Z Is ‘My Favorite Candidate For VP’

Over the weekend  Kanye West made headlines after some of the remarks he made on Sunday, July 20th, during his first-ever campaign rally in Charleston, South Carolina.

Despite visiting  Charleston for his campaign trail, he missed the noon deadline on Monday (July 20th) to be considered a 2020 presidential candidate in the state.

Kanye West was required to submit 10,000 petition signatures according to South Carolina Election Commission spokesperson, Chris Whitmire.

Following his stop in South Carolina, one of his campaign reps John Boyd said:

“The deadline is Monday, in order for him to get on the ballot he has to meet deadlines in each state so South Carolina is up and then it’s New York and California so we have to follow the rules of the game with respect to politics that’s why we’re here.”
Still, the conversation about his bid for president continues to be a hot topic; especially when it comes to who will be his running mate. He’s reportedly secured Wyoming “biblical life coach” Michelle Tidball, and Caitlyn Jenner previously said she wants to hold the coveted VP title as well. But in an interview Sunday (July 19th), he said Tidball would be “open to taking another position” if he landed another VP. He revealed who his top pick would be.
“You know who my favorite candidate for my running mate is?…I’m gonna present it as a riddle to you. When we were trying to figure out my website, cause everybody kept stealing my website cause I’m in the dirty game of politics, what I did is put the initials of this [state] down, and then I put Kanye 2020, would that be?”
He then confirmed that it was South Carolina, which has the same initials as Shawn Carter, also known as Grammy-nominated rapper Jay-Z. Kanye West continued,
Whoooo!…I was like ‘You know who should be my running mate? Shawn Carter.'”

Still, it’s no secret that the two have been on the rocks over the past few years. Kanye added,
“You know I ain’t talked to my brother about… The fact that we ain’t talked in so long, that’s how you know we real brothers. Cause the fake ones can be mad at you and still pull up cause they’re getting a check.”
In the interview, Kanye West states that he has no strategy to win the 2020 election, and asked how Instagram culture was able to attack him to buy black votes,
“How sad is it that you guys have one of your favorite most genius level most successful black entrepreneurs running for office and you allow people have allowed instagram culture and the democratic instagram culture to attack me they can buy votes like black votes are only democrat and that we’re still literally on that ship in that mentality.”
Check out the interview below:

The 41- year old rapper spoke to an intimate group, making some controversial remarks about Harriet Tubman,

“Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, she just had the slaves go work for other white people.”

During a separate part of his speech, Kanye West became emotional as he discussed abortion and birth control saying that he’s opposed to birth control and the morning after pill.

He also shared that his dad wanted his late mother to have an abortion when she was pregnant by him, and even says that him and his wife Kim Kardashian considered taking the pill to end the pregnancy of their first child North West,

“I almost killed my daughter.”

What are your thoughts on Kanye West missing the South Carolina presidential deadline, despite his first campaign rally over the weekend? Let us know in the comments!


Authored by: Demi Lobo