Snoop Says Master P Saved His Life & Stopped Him From Putting Out A Song Called ‘F*** Death Row’

Snoop Says Master P Saved His Life & Stopped Him From Putting Out A Song Called ‘F*** Death Row’

Snoop Dogg is crediting fellow rapper Master P for saving his life.

During a virtual appearance on The Breakfast Club, he shed more light on his relationship and adoration for No Limits founder, Master P.

Snoop Dogg spoke on being featured in BET’s docu-series “No Limit Chronicles”, which tells the story of Master P’s No Limit Records. Snoop Dogg revealed,

“Man, do you realize that that saved my life? Like, Master P saved my life.”

Snoop Dogg detailed a trying time during his life after his days at Death Row Records under infamous executive, Suge Knight.  He claimed,

“I was gon’ put out a record called ‘F*ck Death Row’ and Mack 10, he was gon’ give me a million dollars to put it out.”

He recalled a meeting with Master P in his office after closing a $35,000 song deal that Master P had purchased from him.  After the self-proclaimed Dogg Pound Gangster disclosed his plans to release “F*ck Death Row,” he claimed that Master P told him,

“Man, you ain’ t gon’ live to see that album come out.  Don’t do that. You can’t make no record talking about Death Row and Suge Knight, you gotta let that sh*t go man.”

It was then that Snoop said Master P proposed an offer to the rapper. He flew Snoop to New Orleans from Los Angeles, bought him a house, and gave him enough money to bring his wife and children with him.

According to Snoop, Master P told him,

“If you want to sign with me, you gotta come down to New Orleans.  You can’t be out here. You and your whole family gotta come down here.”

Both Master P and Snoop Dogg posted a No Limit photo saluting the team that included rappers Silk The Shocker and Mystikal.

In September 2019, Master P announced a No Limit reunion tour, but due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, most touring events have been postponed or canceled.

The 5 episodic No Limit docu-series, which premiered Wednesday, July 29, chronicles the life of Master P from his humble beginnings in New Orleans throughout his career to becoming a multi-millionaire.

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Authored by: Robin Ayers