Suge Knight — Judge Rules He Still Has To Pay $107 Million To Death Row’s First VP

Suge Knight

Suge Knight — Judge Rules He Still Has To Pay $107 Million To Death Row’s First VP

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge refuses to let up on the $107 million Suge Knight was ordered to pay nearly 15 years ago, according to NBC Los Angeles. While Lydia Harris, the woman who was awarded the money changed her mind and said Suge Knight shouldn’t have to pay, Judge David Sotelo wasn’t moved and decided no to overturn the judgment, which was reinstated at the end of 2019.

He said,

“This is a very old case with big names and big numbers.”

It was previously reported that Lydia Harris sued after she and her husband invested into Death Row Records back in 1989. She was also Death Row’s first VP but claimed in her lawsuit that she was fired once Death Row started making major profits. On Sept. 20, Judge Sotelo canceled out the $107 million judgment amid Harris’s concerns of how her lawyers prevailed in the lawsuit. However, it was reinstated in December after her lawyers said the award couldn’t be vacated because they were owed 40% of it.

Suge Knight is currently serving a 28-year sentence for his involvement in a fatal hit-and-run.

Suge Knight circa 2019, poses in jail with his daughter

His early days of Death Row, including Lydia and Michael’s contribution, could be covered in his upcoming life story. It was previously reported that a Suge Knight documentary is in the works. His fiancée Toi-Lin Kelly clarified speculation that his friend and artist Ray J had the rights to his life story.

Suge Knight’s fiancée Toi-Lin Kelly

She EXCLUSIVELY told theJasmineBRAND:

“We are not trying to discredit any association with Ray J, as Suge said Ray J is family. We are working with Ray J on several endeavors, but NOT as defined by TMZ.”

She continued,

As Suge’s power of attorney, I am currently and actively engaged in negotiations in regards to Suge’s Movie, Documentary, and television series projects, and working with Nick Cannon in regards to Suge’s book.

Nick Cannon

To clarify, Suge has delegated the music to Ray J, the book is in the process of being written by Nick Cannon, and I am in negotiations with his Movie (bio-pic) Rights, there is a scripted show in the works, and a documentary being currently filmed. Those involved know who they are and are directly in communication with me daily. We’d respectfully ask those creating confusion and recklessly posting articles to refrain from doing so.”

His son, Suge Knight, Jr. refused to comment on any of the reports.

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Authored by: Char Patterson