Megan Thee Stallion: I Felt Betrayed By All My Friends After Getting Shot


Megan Thee Stallion: I Felt Betrayed By All My Friends After Getting Shot

Houston-based rapper Megan Thee Stallion opened up more about getting shot and said the incident made her feel “betrayed” by all of her friends.

According to reports, rapper Tory Lanez allegedly shot her. While on Instagram Live Thursday (Aug. 6th), one fan asked how she felt after the incident.

Tory Lanez

She responded,

“I’m not ashamed of who I am and I’m not ashamed of what I’ve been through. I’m not scared to say anything about anything. I just felt very betrayed by a friend. I felt very betrayed by all my friends. I felt very shocked, very scared. The one thing that y’all need to know about me is I’m not a person who is able to be down for a long time…I don’t like to be victimized. I like to be upbeat. I like to be happy because of where I came from and who I’ve been around and the things that I’ve actually seen and been through.”

She also had some choice words for a fan who requested for her to twerk.

“B**ch, when I get ready to twerk, I will twerk. Until then, you can take yo happy a** on my page, scroll down to a few weeks ago, and you can see some twerkin’. Or b**ch you can go subscribe to somebody’s OnlyFans and you can see all the a** you wanna see.”

She continued addressing the request, saying that she’s going to change how she responds to certain comments that she referred to as “stupid.”

“You know what? I really decided…like, ’cause I’m a nice person and I’m very sweet, but I really decided that I’ma start turnin’ up on muhf****s. Like, when y’all stupid a** be saying stupid a** s**t to me I think I’ma just have to start saying some stupid a** s**t back to y’all. I’ma have to start poppin’ my s**t ’cause I really was lettin’ muhf****s slide. And I really, in my real life, don’t let motherf****s slide…I realize that muhf****s really don’t give a f**k about you in real life. So, therefore, nobody’s sliding no motherf****n’ more.”

Megan Thee Stallion

She went on to say that she was not going to allow anyone to make her feel uncomfortable in any way and vowed to address any situation like that head-on:

“B**ch, anybody that say one wrong thing to me, b**ch do one wrong thing to me, make me feel one wrong way….b**ch if you come around me breathin’ different, b**ch….come around me muhf****n speakin’ different. If you make my stomach hurt a lil bit, b**ch, you gotta go. B**ch, if you make me think too hard you gotta go. B**ch if you make me one bit of…one percent uncomfortable b*tch…nobody’s slidin’. I don’t give a f**k. Like I’m a weak a** b**ch or somethin’. Like I ain’t walkin’ around this h*e that b**ch. Stop playin’ with me. I let a lot of people play with me. What y’all gotta stop doing is playin’ with me.”

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion later switched gears to encourage her viewers to protect themselves and their energy:

“Just some words of encouragement. Some words for some people who may be goin’ through some things. Some people who may take s**t too seriously. From my perspective…what I can say is definitely protect your energy. Definitely protect yourself. Protect your heart. Protect the genuine true you because everyone will not reciprocate the same energy that you put out into the world. Just because something ain’t working for you this month don’t mean it ain’t gon’ work for you next month. So stay on your s**t ’cause you gon’ go up. If you feel like you that b**ch, then you that b**ch. If you walk into every situation feelin’ like ‘d*mn, I’m that b**ch,’ that’s gon’ happen. Everybody gon’ treat you like you that b**ch.”

The rapper, who’s featured on fellow rapper Cardi B‘s newest song and video, “WAP,” went on to say that she feels like her life is an example of moving past bad events and that no one should be allowed to take your happiness away:

“I definitely always want people to see me being an example of bad things not lasting forever. Just because you go through something bad don’t mean that’s [the] time you gon be in forever. And just because somebody may want to make you feel bad doesn’t mean that you have to give in to, you know…the emotions people want you to feel. Like, b**ch if you happy, you a happy b**ch! Just be a happy b**ch…My grandma always told me don’t never let nobody steal your joy, so that’s the type of person I am. I’m never gonna let nobody steal my joy.”

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Authored by: Sincerely Liz