Rush Limbaugh Under Fire For Comments Against Kamala Harris, Refers To Her As A ‘Mattress’

Rush Limbaugh Under Fire For Comments Against Kamala Harris, Refers To Her As A ‘Mattress’

Conservative and controversial radio host Rush Limbaugh has made plenty of headlines for outlandish statements in the past, and now he facing backlash for recent comments he made on his radio show. According to reports, he repeatedly referenced a sexist slur against Senator Kamala Harris and discussed an article about how she “brazenly slept her way” into politics on his radio show. He was referring to the recent firing of veteran NBA photographer Bill Baptist, who shared a meme on Facebook about the presumptive Democratic vice-presidential nominee under Joe Biden.

Rush Limbaugh stated,

“[He] posted an image that read ‘Joe and the H*e,’ h-*-e. Now, what do you think that’s about, Joe and the H*e?

Never stopping to acknowledge nor condemn the sexist language used against Kamala Harris, Rush Limbaugh continued to discuss an article in The American Spectator called: “Why It Should Matter to Women That Kamala Harris Slept Her Way Up.”

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris

He continued on, quoting part of the article:

“It is no secret but public knowledge that Kamala Harris slept her way up into California political life by being a very public escort and mattress for California Democrat kingmaker Willie Brown.”

According to reports, Kamala Harris dated former San Francisco Mayor and State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown sometime between 1994-1995. Brown appointed Harris to two political posts, first to the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, and then to the Medical Assistance Commission.

Rush Limbaugh continued dissecting the article and Harris’ relationship with Willie Brown when he said,

“Now, some people read this story and said, ‘Mattress? Didn’t he mean mistress?’ No, I think, they meant mattress here. So we have two different stories here that are trading off the known fact that she was Willie Brown’s mattress…and that he has talked about how it propelled her, that he ended up being one of her mentors.”

Rush Limbaugh made remarks about Brown and Harris’ relationship earlier this month when he stated:

“And, by the way, if anybody knows [Harris’] backside, it’s Willie Brown. I mean in the biblical, intimate sense. He knows her backside. They’ve both acknowledged that she knows his, even though his backside is not as big as hers was.”

Some Twitter users weren’t too happy with the actions of the Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient.  Check out some responses below.


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Authored by: Robin Ayers