Comedian Mo’Nique Learned How To Be A Good Wife From Husband’s Grandmother, Says: I Had To Learn My Place As A Black Man’s Wife

Mo’Nique, Husband Sidney Hicks

Comedian Mo’Nique Learned How To Be A Good Wife From Husband’s Grandmother, Says: I Had To Learn My Place As A Black Man’s Wife

Comedienne Mo’Nique is opening up about her marriage to husband/manager Sidney Hicks. The two have been married since 2006. The Academy award winning actress explained that her husband’s grandmother taught her some important lessons about marriage to a black man. Mo’Nique shared,

“Sidney’s grandmother, though I’ve never met her, she’s taught me how to be a wife, a mother, just in the stories that he tells me about his grandmother. Like I said coming into our relationship, I was a mess and I was a handful and I could still be that, but my husband loves me with the patience of a grandma and I don’t make any decisions without my husband saying ‘that’s the way we gon’ go’ or ‘that’s the way we not gon’ go’.

She continues,

And it’s not no authoritative thing, I just as his wife, I feel better. So I understand when she says the wife wants that husband to say ‘hey baby we got this’ because if my husband doesn’t approve it, I don’t feel good about it. Remember the scene in ‘Soul Food’ the movie with Vanessa Williams and all of them? The mother was sitting at the table and this is where I think for us as black women, because I’ve said this on stage and every time I say it, I feel the breath go out the room.”


Mo’Nique explains what her role is in their marriage.

“When I say I had to learn my place as a black man’s wife, and this was the part that was challenging for me because ‘we gon’ do this’. But when that woman sat at that table and said ‘I trusted your father even when he didn’t make the right decisions, I had to let him make those decisions’. And what happens with us often times we’re married to kings, but then we wanna be the king, and when we read the fairytale stories there were not two kings. The king and the queen can have a conversation, but the king had to come up with the foundation and decision to lead the village or run his castle. Now I know that’s hard for a lot of us to comprehend but when I realized that for me that I was married to a king. There’s some decisions there’s some things where I be like ‘naw daddy because’ and he’ll be like ‘momma okay but not right now’ or ‘that’s not the way that needs to play out right now’.”

Mo’Nique, Sidney Hicks

Mo’Nique’s husband Sidney Hicks chimed in saying.

“Or if you feel adamant about it, give it a shot. I mean imma lend my support I’m just giving you my objective opinion. Whatever you wanna do at the end of the day, we gon’ ride.”

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla