Tim Norman – Nelly’s ‘Nellyville’ Producer 3rd Person Charged In Murder-For-Hire Plot To Kill Norman’s Nephew

Tim Norman, Waiel “Wally” Yaghnam, Andre Montgomery, Jr.

Tim Norman – Nelly’s ‘Nellyville’ Producer Waiel ‘Wally’ Yaghnam Charged In Murder-For-Hire Plot To Kill Reality Star’s Nephew

A third person is now facing charges in the scheme to kill Andre Montgomery, Jr., the grandson of Sweetie Pie’s owner Robbie Montgomery.

It was previously reported that Robbie Montgomery’s son and Andre Montgomery, Jr.’s uncle, James Timothy Norman (Tim Norman), was charged in the murder that was an alleged effort to collect $450,000 in insurance money.

Tim Norman, 41, was arrested in Jackson, Mississippi on Aug. 18th and is currently being held in the Madison County Detention Center, according to reports. He was charged with conspiracy to use interstate commerce facilities in the commission of a murder-for-hire, resulting in death. He allegedly worked with a woman, Terica Ellis, who was reportedly an exotic dancer in Memphis, TN.

Now, a third person has been named in the case — Waiel “Wally” Yaghnam, who also served as producer for rapper Nelly’s sophomore album Nelllyville, that was released in 2002, according to STL Today. 

He’s looking at one charge of conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud. Prosecutors allege that he was Tim Norman’s insurance agent and teamed up with him to get a fraudulent life insurance policy for the victim. Tim Norman was the only beneficiary on a life insurance policy taken out on Andre Montgomery, Jr. in 2014. He and Yaghnam allegedly lied about the victim’s income, net worth, employment, medical history, and family background on the life insurance application.

Andre Montgomery, Jr. was gunned down in St. Louis 2016. Just days after his death, Norman reached out to Waiel Yaghnam in an effort to cash in on the insurance plan. It was $200,000, plus an extra $200,000 accidental death rider if Montgomery, Jr.’s cause of death wasn’t natural. The additional $50,000 was if he died within the next decade. Norman was unsuccessful in collecting money from the policy.

Norman and Montgomery Jr. were previously in the spotlight as they made appearances on OWN TV’s “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s,” a reality series about Robbie Montgomery’s famous St. Louis restaurant.

It aired for five seasons from October 2011 to June 2018.

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Authored by: Char Patterson