Shaquille O’Neal Inks Multi Year Deal With Turner Sports, Will Produce New Shows, Podcast & Possibly a Cartoon

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Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq Inks Multi Year Deal With Turner Sports, Will Produce New Shows, Podcast And Possibly a Cartoon

Former Los Angeles Laker Shaquille O’Neal has just locked in a multi-year deal with Turner Sports which will expand his role as a studio basketball analyst for NBA games, with the possibility to be featured in wrestling games as well as Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

Shaquille O’Neal who has been with Turner Sports since 2011, recently said in a statement,

“Turner Sports is family to me – and I’m looking forward to working alongside my talented colleagues as we create many more Shaq-tastic moments in the years to come,”

Shaquille O’Neal also says that he’s interested in getting his own cartoon,

“I definitely want to get a cartoon going.  Turner has a lot of entities under their umbrella. Who knows? I might have to put ”Kazaam” under the Turner Movie Classics library.”

The NBA champion will be apart of a team that will executive-produce projects for the company’s Bleacher Report, develop a new show for NBA TV, be apart of CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage, distribute his podcast via WarnerMedia; and possibly do TNT’s coverage of All Elite Wrestling.

Jeff Zucker, Chairman, WarnerMedia News and Sports, recently said in a statement,

“Shaq is so critical to our success, and such a huge part of the heart and soul of our coverage.  We are lucky to be able to have him as part of our family every single day, and I am personally so thrilled to see that continue for a long time to come.”

Senior Vice President of Talent Services & Special Projects at Turner Sports echoed Jeff Zucker’s excitement for having Shaq on the team saying,

“Shaquille’s tenacity as a player and loyal teammate made him one of the best to ever do it on the court, and those skills have translated to his contributions as a broadcaster.  His fun, infectious personality is engaging, entertaining and beloved by fans. We’re thrilled to extend and deepen our relationship with him for many years to come.”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo