Dr. Dre Claims Estranged Wife Nicole Young Won’t Return His Motorcycle & Registered Firearm Amid Divorce Battle

Dr. Dre, Nicole Young

Dr. Dre Says Wife Nicole Young Won’t Give Back Some Of His Items From Their Former Malibu Home

The drama unfortunately continues as rapper and producer Dr. Dre reportedly says that his estranged wife Nicole Young has refused to give up some of his personal items from the home the two shared in Malibu, California according to The Blast.

Dr. Dre has reportedly informed a court in Los Angeles that Nicole Young is apparently holding on to his

golf clubs, his motorcycle, and his registered firearm.

Dr. Dre

Documents were filed on July 30, 2020 indicating this and according to them, Dr. Dre had an assistant to go to his former residence with Nicole Young to pick up a few of his items and she allegedly agreed to hand over the items. However, the documents go on to say that

…after walking away for 5 minutes (assumedly to call your office) she came back and rejected the request.

Dr. Dre’s attorneys noted in their letter to the court that their client, whose real name is Andre Young, has allowed Nicole to enter the Brentwood, California home he’s now residing in to obtain her items with no issue and wants to be given the same courtesy when attempting to collect things from the Malibu residence. Their letter went on to say:

Please confirm that Mr. Young can have someone return to Malibu to retrieve his personal items without further interference sometime over the next few days.

The embattled couple, who have been married for 24 years, made headlines when it was initially reported that there was no prenuptial agreement between them. Nicole has reportedly said that initially she did sign a prenup but claims Dr. Dre destroyed it at some point during their marriage. Nevertheless, it’s also been reported that the former member of rap group N.W. A. has agreed to pay spousal support to Nicole.

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Authored by: Sincerely Liz