Monica Questions Why She Has The Nickname ‘Goonica’, Fans Pull Receipts & Remind Her

Monica Questions Why She Has The Nickname ‘Goonica’, Fans Pull Receipts & Remind Her

Monica is known for having a sweet and sour side. But the singer and TV personality said she doesn’t understand how she’s earned the nickname “Goonica.”

Monica shared a photo of her sweetly smiling on Instagram with the caption:

“I have absolutely no idea why y’all call me Goonica! Anyone care to explain [laughing Emoji]… Why don’t you all tell me below! Just a little Morning #MoTalk”

Fans took things a step further and hopped on Twitter to explain why, sharing some of Monica’s moments, to the point where Goonica started trending on the social media site.

While Monica might not know how she’s garnered the nickname now, she joked recently that dating a younger man could make her revert back to her more aggressive ways. She spoke on her dream guy and said:

“I acknowledge that I do need a lot of attention, but I give a lot…I need an old-school man in the sense that- you can call me hood, you can call me whatever you wanna call me. At the end of the day, I need somebody that’s still a gentleman. That’s why I work so hard with the boys to be gentlemen. I still want you to open the door! I still want you to pull up and pick me up sometimes! I still want you to play my favorite song- I still like all that!”

She said of dating a younger guy:

“A 25-year-old would turn me into a head-buster again!”

Monica is back on the market after divorcing her husband Shannon Brown last year. They were married for eight years.

Do you understand how Monica has the nickname Goonica? Comment and let us know!


Authored by: Char Patterson