Keke Palmer Wants To Join ‘Insecure’, Tells Issa Rae ‘I’m Ready!’

Keke Palmer, Issa Rae

Keke Palmer Wants To Join ‘Insecure’, Tells Issa Rae ‘I’m Ready!’

Issa Rae’s “Insecure” is at the top of its game and Keke Palmer wants in!

Keke Palmer made her plea on social media, telling Issa Rae that fans thought she was joining the HBO series after she shared her excitement about the show’s upcoming 5th season.

She wrote:

“Hey @IssaRae there’s been a mix up. I posted about my excitement for season 5 of Insecure and now everyone thinks I’m gonna be on it. We can’t let them down, put me in to beat Condola’s a** real quick.”

She added another storyline idea in the caption and said she’s ready for grown roles now.

“I just turned 27 @issarae, I’m starting to appear as an adult now. I’m ready! Or let’s just kill her a** off frfr(but continue to pay the actress because she was great!)”


Issa Rae hasn’t responded yet. Shortly before Keke Palmer’s message, she shared a photo from a table read for season 5.

The writers’ room met virtually back in April due to COVID-19.

She previously told one fan the 5th season would premiere when COVID-19 was over. 

Issa Rae, who’s also up for her first Emmy Award (lead actress in a comedy series), previously said everyone being at home during quarantine helped “Insecure” ratings. 

“I’m going to be real. I think the pandemic, being quarantined during a period when our humanity was questioned, in a more front-facing way, definitely helped. We came on during a time when people were bored at home, and also there were racial uprisings, and our show served as a comfort.”

“Thank God, because to release anything else during this time — even our show — I felt a huge guilt in coming out during the protests because there were just so many more important things happening, I didn’t want to take full focus away from that. But to hear people be like, ‘No, this is an escape. It brings us back to Black people being joyous and happy and ourselves’ — our natural state really felt like we were meant to air during this time. I think that for sure helped people to see our show in a different light.”

Still, she also said she has no desire to mention COVID-19 in the new season.

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