Shemar Moore: I Have COVID! But I Will Be Okay

Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore: I Have COVID! But I Will Be Okay

Shemar Moore has revealed that he tested positive for coronavirus.

The actor shared the news on social media Thursday (Dec. 24th) in what appears to be a screenshot of a text message he sent.

It reads:

“I HAVE COVID!!!!  Just found out moments ago…. I’m gonna stay wrapping presents… Yes… I have been tested and told that I HAVE COVID!!!! I thought I had food poisoning.”

He went on to explain the symptoms he’s been having, which he mistook for food poisoning.

“I thought I had food poisoning…chills and achs all day today.. still can smell, taste, no cough, no runny nose… I have to accept test results… I feel fine now… but I have to be responsible!!!!”


Despite his results, it looks like he’s trying to stay optimistic.

“My Xmas n New Years is clearly not gonna be the best… my last year and a half has not been the best… but I WILL BE OKAY!!!! Ths is a hard time for ALL OF US… the WORLD!!! But… I BELIEVE in the sun shining through the rain!!!”

Shemar Moore

He left his fans with a message:

“Stay safe and appreciate everybody you have and had! MUCH LOVE!!!!… #wearamask”

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Authored by: Char Patterson