Queen Naija Reveals Lip Fillers Fail: I Look Like A Family Of Wasps Attacked My Lips

Queen Naija

Queen Naija Reveals Lip Fillers Fail: I Look Like A Family Of Wasps Attacked My Lips

Queen Naija got real about a lip filler job gone wrong.

The singer took to Twitter earlier this week and confessed that while she gave lip fillers a try, she has no plans on doing it again after the results.

“man my dumb self decided to get fillers on my lips yesterday “for fun” and now I look like a family of Wasps attacked my lips…I ain’t doing that no more”

She added,

“The crazy thing is I didn’t tell nobody lol, so now Lee and everyone making fun of me. Y’all should have seen Clarence face when I told him lol..”
Queen Naija appeared to have regrets about her decision as she continued Friday morning (Sept. 18th):
“accepting and embracing your flaws is apart of self-love, and I must say that I am still in the process of it. I was okay with being imperfect until society made it seem like you had to be. The journey is still in progress…sometimes we go fixing what ain’t even broke..”
Queen Naija has typically been open about her cosmetic procedures. She gave an update on her tummy tuck and butt lift last summer, five months after her operations, and said:

“I’ve already got my groove on, if you know what I’m trying to say! After a week, the doctor said it was okay whenever I felt comfortable. So that was when I felt comfortable, okay?”

“I can stand up straight. The other days I was kind of hunched over…but, yeah, your girl is doing good. The doctor said I should wait to sit on my butt for, like, six weeks. However, when people get a BBL they wait two weeks, and the papers also said that when I first got them. But, I guess, since my doctor told me personally I’m gonna try to do that. However, it’s really uncomfortable- I can’t really hold my baby the way I wanna hold him.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson