Malika Haqq Gets Frustrated Over O.T. Genasis On ‘KUWTK’, Says He’s ‘No Help’ W/ Baby’s Nursery

Malika Haqq Gets Frustrated Over O.T. Genasis On ‘KUWTK’, Says He’s ‘No Help’ W/ Baby’s Nursery

The 19th season premiere of E!’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” revealed how Malika Haqq handled the idea of being a single mom ahead of her and rapper O.T. Genasis’s baby’s arrival. 

During the episode that aired earlier this week (which was taped at the beginning of the year), Malika Haqq got emotional while on the phone with her twin sister, Khadijah Haqqand best friend, Khloe Kardashian, as they planned her baby shower.

She told Khloe Kardashian and Khadijah Haqq before hanging up on them:

“I’m five seconds from not wanting a shower anyways.”

Khloe Kardashian later said in a confessional:

“For Malika to say she’s so frustrated she doesn’t even want a shower anymore, that’s really disappointing to me. I know she would regret it so much if she did not have a shower.”

They then call Malika Haqq back and she cried as she said:

“I’m just really stressed out. I’m not in the best situation and I’m trying to do the best that I can…”

Khloe later told cameras:

“I know that Malika bursting into tears has nothing to do with Khadijah or myself. We can imagine that it has something to do with O.T…something deeper than us. I definitely empathize with her. I just want her to always feel reassured that I’m there for her.”

In another scene, Malika gave Khloe a tour of her first home that she had purchased but said O.T. Genasis didn’t have as much urgency about setting up the nursery. Malika said:

“When I talk to my son’s father, he goes, ‘Oh, we have time for that.’ That’s his answer to everything. I’m like, ‘Good to know you’re not going to be any f—ing help.’ I literally can’t sleep. My angst is not a joke. So I guess I need to get a handyman here to … put his crib together, ’cause his dad doesn’t do stuff like that.”

Malika Haqq

She then explained their breakup during her confessional. She said they:

“dated for two and a half years, but we’re just in two different places in our lives and I decided that it was better for me to not stay in the relationship because it was just getting harder and harder. But we’ve agreed to co-parent and bring our son into a loving environment, and that’s the most important thing.”

In the end, Malika’s baby shower was a success, and O.T. Genasis showed up. Malika later thanked him at the event and on social media.

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