Chrisean Rock Seemingly Seen Smoking Outside Of NightClub While Pregnant w/ Blueface’s Baby

Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock Seemingly Seen Smoking Outside Of NightClub While Pregnant w/Blueface’s Baby

Reality TV star Chrisean Rock could be endangering the welfare of her child.

Video footage seemingly of the Zeus Network star and her infamous partner Blueface surfaced recently, showing the entertainer smoking. Chrisean Rock announced earlier this year that she is expecting her first child with the rap star.

The clip appears to be taken outside of a night club, according to the social media accounted who reposted the footage. Chrisean Rock, 23, seems to be sitting in the front seat of vehicle, holding a cigar looking item. Subsequently, the aspiring musician lets out a puff of smoke after briefly rolling down the window.

Her fellow entertainer and alleged soon to be child’s father Blueface, 25, is seemingly seen in the back seat. While partying in this manner is routine for the explosive couple, one would think smoking would be out of the question for Rock, for the next 6 months at least. As previously stated, the young media personality shockingly revealed back in January that she is expecting a child with the “Thotiana” artist.

Though many have doubted the validity of Rock’s claims, with Blueface himself publicly questioning if he’s the father, Chrisean has maintained she’s pregnant and Blueface is the father. Neither Rock nor Blueface has commented publicly about the video at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson