Actor Lakeith Stanfield Is Still Shooting His Shot W/ Ari Lennox

Actor Lakeith Stanfield Is Still Shooting His Shot W/ Ari Lennox

Singer Ari Lennox (real name Courtney Shanade Salter) has been posting sultry shots on Instagram lately and more than one person has taken notice.

On Saturday, (October 3rd)  29-year-old Ari Lennox posted a picture of her glammed up in a deep red off-the-shoulder dress quoting song lyrics.

 “Flip me over. There’s more on my mind…that I would like to explore this time…eeeeeeeeee”

Several celebs commented, including actor Lakeith Stanfield, who left a rose Emoji.

He later posted and deleted the picture himself with the caption “js”, which is short for “just saying.”

This isn’t the Lakeith Stanfield’s first time trying to get close to Ari Lennox.

Lakeith Stanfield

Back in March, during an Instagram Live conversation where the songstress was chatting with fans, Stanfield asked Lennox on a date.

She quickly became flustered replying

“Lakeith, I don’t have time for this right now, ’cause I- wait. You’re joking. I don’t have- no. We’re changing the subject, because I heard some things. Ok, so you guys! I started a studio…what the hell is this even called right now? I don’t even know how to say anything right now!”

The pictures come amid the releasing of her new single  “Chocolate Pomegranate”

Lennox has yet to respond to Stanfield’s comment.

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Authored by: Toi Monèt Creel