Blueface Refuses To Vote This Year: You Think They Give A F*ck Who I Vote For?


Blueface Refuses To Vote This Year: You Think They Give A F*ck Who I Vote For

With the Nov. 3 presidential election right around the corner, time is closing in for leaders in the forefront to get as many voters to the polls this year as possible.  Controversial sitting President, Donald Trump, is up for a second term against former Vice President Joe Biden, and more people are vowing to use their voting power.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden (circa 2008)

Rap artist Blueface (born Jonathan Porter), however, says he won’t be voting this year.

In a discussion with J Cruz Show, when asked if he was voting this year, the rapper responded,

 “Hell nah.”

He goes on to explain,

“I don’t know. Nah…I just ain’t really…I ain’t in that stage in my life yet.”

The “Thotiana” rapper seemingly didn’t believe that his vote would make a difference when he followed up with,

“Look at my face.  You think they give a f*ck who I vote for?”

Others hope to utilize their rights to vote such as Mike Tyson and JT of City Girls who have criminal records and laws have prevented both from  voting in the past.

Mike Tyson will be voting for the 1st time this year.  He stated on Instagram,

“This election will be my 1st time voting. I never thought I could because of my felony record. I’m proud to finally vote.”

Rapper JT, on the other hand, expressed her frustration behind not being able to vote as a felon.

But people such as LeBron James and Michael Jordan have heavily advocated for voter rights and have donated millions of dollars to help felonies vote and to combat Black voter suppression.


What do you think about Blueface not voting this year?  Share your thoughts and advice below.

Authored by: Robin Ayers