T.I. Is ‘More Sensitive’ Since Virginity Controversy W/ Daughter Deyjah Harris, Zonnique Pullins Says ‘They’re In A Good Place’

T.I. Is ‘More Sensitive’ Since Virginity Controversy W/ Daughter Deyjah Harris, Zonnique Pullins Says ‘They’re In A Good Place’

It looks like T.I.’s relationship with his daughter Deyjah Harris is on the mend.

The Grammy-Award winning rapper sparked plenty of controversy after he revealed last year that he attended OB-GYN appointments with Deyjah Harris to make sure that she was still a virgin and her hymen was intact. Since then, it seems like their father/daughter relationship struggled publicly, including when she broke down about his announcement on their family’s VH1 reality show T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle. 

He later apologized to the 19-year-old after her biological mother appeared on his podcast.

Now, things have only gotten better for them, according to his bonus daughter Zonnique Pullins, whose mother is Tiny Harris. 

Zonnique Pullins, Tiny Harris

Zonnique Pullins told Entertainment Tonight: 

“He’s definitely just been learning with the girls on how to handle certain things and how to go about certain things when it comes to us. I feel like it’s a lot of stuff he didn’t realize when it comes to a young girl’s feelings. So I feel like now he’s a little bit more careful. He just goes about everything a little bit differently now, definitely. He’s more sensitive with everything.”

She said of his relationship with Deyjah Harris:

“Their relationship has gotten better and they’ve both grown. He’s not overbearing in certain situations. He’s changed when it comes to Deyjah. Their relationship is in a really good place, actually. It took a minute for them to get to this place, but I feel like they’re just doing really good.”

She then spoke on T.I.’s reaction to her news that she’s pregnant, which she told him on Fox Soul’s “The Mix.”

Zonnique Pullins said:

“I definitely expected his reaction to be a lot like how it was… I didn’t expect him to be extremely happy and like, ‘Oh my God! Congratulations!’ because I know how he is. He’s a Libra. He doesn’t really play… I was pretty happy to share that moment with the world; me telling him and telling the world all at the same time was pretty hilarious to me.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson