Jeffree Star Denies His Ex Andre Marhold’s Claims Against Him, Says They Came From Fake Account

Jeffree Star Denies His Ex Andre Marhold’s Claims Against Him, Says They Came From Fake Account

Beauty influencer Jeffree Star is back with another message concerning his ex, basketball player Andre Marholdand the claims against him.

Jeffree Star previously claimed that Andre Marhold stole from him as the two exposed an ugly breakup between them.

Andre Marhold appeared to respond with his own claims against Jeffree Star, which have since been deleted. He accused Jeffree Star of calling him racist names and paying him $10,000 to pretend to be in a relationship in an effort to quiet claims that Jeffree Star has made racist statements in the past.

Now, Jeffree Star has made a return to his YouTube page after a nearly two-month hiatus and alleged that Andre Marhold was being impersonated online. He said:

“I was recently hanging out with someone—some would call it dating. Some would call it f–king. I was hanging out with someone. We are not hanging out anymore and there was a lot of online activity about it, and long story short is a random person made a fake account of Andre and proceeded to make up a bunch of crazy stuff about me for, like, we’re going on like a week plus now.”

He continued:

“Now most people have common sense and they know that it wasn’t real but it was convincing for a minute and now they’re scamming people out of money and it’s turned into a whole crazy legal thing, but I can’t believe people were falling for fake news, posting about it.”

He referenced some of the claims against him and said:

 “Now, I get it. It’s my job. It’s what I signed up for, but to hear crazy rumors about ‘Jeffree does meth. Jeffree has AIDS, Jeffree does this.’ I was like what in the actual f***?”

He said he’s already taken legal action.

“The internet is a little cuckoo this year, so now that that’s over and that person is being prosecuted, it’s been a very interesting time…So, all those fake accounts—we found out who you were. Thank god for IP addresses and law enforcement.” 

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