Ari Lennox Speaks About Friend’s Alleged Abuser & The Lack Of Police Assistance To Protect Her: F**k These Useless Cops

Ari Lennox Speaks About Friend’s Alleged Abuser And The Lack Of Police Assistance To Protect Her

Singer Ari Lennox has a few choice words for the lack of police involvement in a friend’s case where she appears to be continually harassed by a former boyfriend. Back in September, Aziza Murphy, a close friend of Ari Lennox shared screenshots of anger-filled messages from a man she referred to as Seti Yasin and noted if anything happened to her (specifically if she died), then she named him as the guilty party.


Ari Lennox

In the tweet, she indicated that he used various aliases and detailed some of the alarming behavior she says he showed after she ended their relationship:

If I die, I want everyone to know it was Seti Yasin. He goes by Seti, Ramses, Destiny Wilkerson, Dashawn, or Sean. Me and him dated until a few days ago. He went through my phone and I ended the relationship. I dropped him off at the train station and he showed up at my house.

Aziza Murphy goes on to provide more details in another tweet:

He broke my window. Broke into my house and stole my keys. After he left he started calling me nonstop. He called 1,065 times within 24 hours. He’s calling me from fake numbers. He has been contacting my ex-husband’s family. Calling my exes, my dad, my job. Writing my friends.


Ari Lennox has also taken to Twitter to share her thoughts and apparent frustrations with the situation and how the local police department has not been helpful. She started off her trio of tweets on the subject with:

I’ve seen how fake the internet is in real-time. I’ve seen a man make constant post[s] talking about “protect black women” and then turn around and abuse my friend. NOBODY can be trusted.

She said in her next tweet that the police department and the FBI do not seem to want to assist her friend Aziza Murphy with her apparent harassment situation:

I’ve seen Bowie police department, police department and the fbi not do a d*mn f**king thing to help my friend. I’ve seen them mock her and gaslight and be extremely disrespectful. It is always and truly f**k these useless a** cops.



Ari‘s final tweet on the subject strongly showed her frustration with the system as a whole. She said:

And then most shockingly of all I’ve seen sorry a** raggedy a** 2 Hopkins fire my friend instead of helping her when she needed it the most. You are the problem. You are complicit with Aziza’s abuse.

In the latest development, Aziza was reportedly fired from her job as a result of the ex continually calling and showing up at her workplace. However, after sharing her experience on social media and advising of her plight regarding a job, she set up a GoFundMe account. Donations in the amount of $12,015 indicate that in just three days, her goal of $10,000 passed the mark and currently has just over $12,000.
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Authored by: Sincerely Liz