Snoop Dogg’s Sexual Assault Accuser Files Paperwork To Drop Lawsuit

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg’s Sexual Assault Accuser Files Paperwork To Drop Lawsuit

Good news for Snoop Dogg!

The woman who alleges she was sexually assaulted by Snoop Dogg and Bishop Don “Magic” Juan motioned to have the lawsuit dropped “in its entirety”.

Filed back in February of this year, the woman claimed she accepted a ride from Bishop Don “Magic” Juan, but fell asleep in the car and ended up at his home. After arriving, she says Juan “shoved” himself into her mouth before taking her to Snoop’s studio session, where he demanded oral sex from her as well. The woman says she did what was asked out of fear for her life.

Bishop Don “Magic” Juan, Snoop Dogg

Subsequently, Snoop’s lawyers denied the claims, petitioning to have the suit dropped writing:

“Nothing remotely resembling plaintiff’s story about defendant Calvin Broadus ever happened. He vehemently denies ever engaging in any sex act with plaintiff or assaulting or battering her.”

According to reports, Jane Doe did not give a reason for dropping the suit. However her case was filed “without prejudice,” leaving the door open to refile in the future.

A spokesperson for the west coast artist had this to say following the motion:

 “It is not surprising that the plaintiff dismissed her complaint against the defendants….Her complaint was full of false allegations and deficiencies.” 

Just a few weeks ago, Jane Doe submitted an amendment to the case, asking for the charges of defamation to be included. She alleges that Snoop and his management team created Instagram posts insinuating she was a “gold digger”, and that the posts were meant to threaten, harass, and retaliate against her.

Snoop’s legal team, however, responded – asserting his innocence and denying Jane Doe’s allegations.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson