Robin Givens Felt Like ‘the World Was Crumbling’ When She Learned About Mike Tyson Biopic Being In The Works

Robin Givens, Mike Tyson

Robin Givens Felt Like the ‘World Was Crumbling’ When She Learned About Mike Tyson Biopic, He Says

American actress Robin Givens recently opened up about how sick she felt when learning that a biopic about her ex-husband Mike Tyson’s life, starring Jamie Foxx, is currently being developed. Robin Givens and Mike Tyson married on February 7, 1988, and divorced a year later in 1989. According to past interviews of Robin Givens, their relationship was toxic and Mike Tyson was very abusive towards her.

Mike Tyson

When speaking on how she felt when she learned about her ex-husband’s upcoming film the 55-year-old actress said

“I felt this drop in the pit of my stomach and was like, ‘Oh no, here we go again.”

She added,

“I felt like the world was crumbling again.”

Robin Givens shared that even though the marriage was years ago and a short part of her life Mike Tyson is still saying bad things about her.

“The marriage was eight months of my life and yet he’s still saying slanderous things on his podcast. He’s not physically hitting me anymore, but it hurts almost as much.”

As we previously reported, Robin Givens has made it clear that she wants nothing to do with Mike Tyson’s biopic. When asked by Andy Cohen if she’d prefer to be left out of the film completely she said,

“Of course, yes. The absolute truth would be absolutely yes. You know what term you hear a lot of the time recently, my truth? I hear that term. I kind of believe truth is truth… I think for somebody to take history and repurpose it or just kind of write what they want is so deeply upsetting to me… We’re living in a time now where people say all kinds of things and if you say it loud enough, people believe it.”

She added,

“Things that used to be acceptable to say to women or about women, I don’t think is acceptable now…To have somebody say, ‘The best punch I ever threw was against Robin and she bounced from one wall to the next and was out.’ I’m literally praying that we’re in a climate where that’s not acceptable, it’s not rewarded, it’s not congratulated. That’s soemthing that truly means a lot to me, not only for myself but for a lot of women that have been or are in the position that I was in.”

Robin Givens may be getting her wish for her relationship with Mike Tyson to not being featured in the film. According to reports, attorneys for the Riverdale actress sent cease and desist letters to both Mike Tyson and Jamie Foxx. The letters reportedly

“demand that Mr. Tyson cease and desist from further defaming Ms. Givens, and to put those producing, writing and/or directing the proposed Tyson biopic, and those producing Mr. Tyson’s podcast, on notice that they are to refrain from portraying Ms. Givens in a false, negative and defamatory light.”

The letters further state,

“While [she] has attempted to move on, she still finds herself fighting the abusive, demeaning and false accounts of their relationship by Mr. Tyson nearly 35 years later. It is time for Mr. Tyson to let this marriage be the relic of the past that it is.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel