R. Kelly’s Lawyers Say ‘No One Raised A Finger’ To Prevent His Jail Beating

R. Kelly

R. Kelly’s Lawyers Say ‘No One Raised A Finger’ To Prevent Jail Beating In August

Attorney’s for R&B singer R. Kelly are now claiming that there is video evidence that shows no one assisted in stopping the jail beating that took place back in August. In new court documents filed on Friday (Oct.16), Kelly’s attorneys claim the video shows the attacker was able to roam “a great distance” at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago and that no one “lifted a finger” to stop the attack. R. Kelly’s lawyer, Michael Leonard said,

“The attacker roamed a great distance within the MCC before carrying out that act, without any opposition. It is undisputed that, as a result, Mr. Kelly has suffered significant physical and psychological injuries.”

He continued,

“An unresolved issue remains as to whether MCC personnel encouraged, and then allowed, a beating of Mr. Kelly to take place. That alone merits an evidentiary hearing.”


On Thursday night (Oct.15), one of Kelly’s attorney’s, Steve Greenburg shared a cryptic message on Twitter. Greenburg wrote:

“Big changes coming #RKelly”

Lawyers for R. Kelly requested that the singer be released from custody pending trial. In recent court documents, Kelly’s attorney’s stated that,

“The MCC has not, and cannot, keep Mr. Kelly safe.”

As previously reported, Jeremiah Shane Farmer has taken responsibility for the attack against R. Kelly. He alleged that he’s a victim of government “corruption” and said the COVID-19 lockdown has deprived him of having a reliable attorney.


R. Kelly’s legal team has pleaded for his release at least six times since he was taken into federal custody in July 2019. R Kelly is currently awaiting trial for a series of criminal charges across multiple jurisdictions that span over two decades.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole