Niecy Nash On If She’s Lost Fans After Coming Out: The Haters Can Stay Tuned!

Niecy Nash

Niecy Nash On If She’s Lost Fans After Coming Out 

Actress Niecy Nash (real name Carol Denise Nash) surprised some of her fans when she announced her third marriage to a woman, Jessica Betts.

However, as far as if Niecy Nash is concerned who she loves should not be negatively judged.

On October 19, a social media user commented on a picture of the couple via Instagram and wrote:

“Just wondering have you noticed you have lost a lot of fans that was loyal to you before you came out sometimes it’s just best to stay in Hollywood ain’t for everybody.”

Niece Nash responded: 

“If I lost a fan because of who I love then that wasn’t a real fan. Who/how I love has nothing to do with my art. I’m still a skilled, Emmy nominated, award winning actress.”

She continued,

“I didn’t stop being great at my craft because of where I lay my head. Soooo idk? All I know is I’m happy and my projects are lit can’t wait for those who never stopped riding to see! Matter of fact the haters can stay tuned as well #happily married”

Nash and Betts (singer and songwriter) married on August 31, 2020 and announced the news via social media.

Jay Tucker, Niecy Nash

Niecy Nash divorced her husband Jay Tucker in 2019, listing the separation date as June 1.

What are your thoughts about Niecy’s reaction to potentially losing fans over her sexuality? Let us know in the comments.
Authored by: Toi Monèt Creel