EXCLUSIVE: Ex Dolphins NFL’er Dimitri Patterson Sues Agent & Baby Mama, Accuses Them of Ponzi Scheme

Dimitri Patterson Sues Agent & Baby Mama

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, Ex-Miami Dolphins cornerback Dimitri Patterson is accusing famed sports agent Drew Rosenhaus and his baby mama of participating in a criminal Ponzi scheme against him.

Patterson filed suit against Rosenhaus, Miami-Dade County, Miami Police Department, his baby mama Erika Medina, several Miami County judges and several lawyers.

Patterson played in the NFL from 2005 – 2014, when he was suspended indefinitely by the NY Jets after leaving his team without informing them. He would later claim his sports agent Drew Rosenahus did notify the team.

Rosenhaus has represented everyone from Antonio Brown, Rob Gronkowski, Josh Gordon and countless others.

Patterson accuses Rosenhaus of conspiring to deprive Patterson of his constitutional rights by communicating with his baby mama’s lawyer with the intention to empower her to defraud him.

He claims his baby mama Erika Medina conspired to defraud him, along with paternity fraud and communicating false reports to law enforcement.

The alleged criminal scheme is complex and involves many parties working together against him.

The scheme involves his baby mama allegedly suing him for paternity, which resulted in her lawyers making him believe a judge had ordered him to submit to a DNA test. He says when he did take the test, the results were not verified with documentation and no chain of custody
where his blood and other specimen. He would later call the location where the test was done and they had no record of any test.

Patterson believes there was never a court order for a test and the test results were invalid. Further, he accuses Medina’s lawyer of endlessly bragging about how close she was with Rosenhaus

He claims Medina’s lawyer coerced him into paying $5k a month in temporary support.

Then in 2015, he was arrested on charges of felony child abuse and battery. He says this ignited a pattern of fiduciary misconduct for the next two years. He points to alleged incidents where he was coerced into paying tens of thousands to his baby mama and her lawyer.

He says the Miami State Attorney’s Office never charged him for the arrest.

Patterson says Miami County judges, Rosenhaus and Medina’s lawyer worked together for years, even being threatened, intimidated and bullied by six police officers in court and then taken into custody. He claims he was targeted by the officials, lawyers and former sports agent to destroy his life, publicly humiliate him by defaming his name based on a foundation of lies in police reports and fraudulent court records.

As a result, he says he suffered emotional, financial and mental distress. He claims he has been constantly discriminated against while pursuing business endeavors. He is seeking $200 million in damages and wants a judge to order prosecutions against all defendants for their actions.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams