Breonna Taylor – 2 Grand Jurors Break Their Silence, Say Police Were ‘Negligent’ & ‘Criminal’


Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor – 2 Grand Jurors Break Their Silence, Say Police Were ‘Negligent’ & ‘Criminal’

Breonna Taylor’s murder, a case that sparked national outrage, was recently closed after a grand jury decided that none of the officers involved were specifically accountable for her death.

Now, two jurors from the case have decided to break their silence in a discussion with Gayle King on CBS The Morning.

In an interview set to air in full on Wednesday (Oct. 28th), they were asked what they thought about the officers’ behavior that night. One juror stated,




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The juror clarified his statement by saying,

“They couldn’t even provide a risk assessment.  And it sounded like they hadn’t done one.  So their organization leading up to this was lacking.  That’s what I mean by they were negligent in their operation.”

The second juror added,

“They were criminal leading up to this in everything that they — the way they moved forward on it, including the warrant was deception.”

Since the verdict, details have surfaced about the trial and on Oct. 20th, a statement from an anonymous grand juror was released. According to the statement, the grand jury never deliberated homicide charges against the police officers involved. In fact, the statement claims that Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron never presented them.

This juror said,

“Being one of the jurors on the Breonna Taylor case was a learning experience. The three weeks of service leading up to that presentation showed how the grand jury normally operates. The Breonna Taylor case was quite different. After hearing the Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s press conference, and with my duty as a grand juror being over, my duty as a citizen compelled action. The grand jury did not have homicide offenses explained to them. The grand jury never heard anything about those laws. Self defense or justification was never explained either.”

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Authored by: Robin Ayers