Lupe Fiasco Hits Washington, DC : Talks Music, Bad B*tch, White Girls & Dreads

Hip-Hop’s Lupe Fiasco (real name Wasalu Muhammad Jaco) took his talents to Washington, DC’s Ultra Bar, for an exclusive listening party, sponsored by DTLR and Unruly Productions.  We briefly chatted with him about his forthcoming album, rumors of him dating a white girl (judge us for asking) and his new hair.

On the overall theme of the album:

It’s Food and Liquor II The Great American Rap Album. It talks about the great American experience, the American nightmare, the American dream, the American hopes, the American aspirations, the American institutions, the American phenomenon. So that’s one half of the album and then there are songs that break those up that are just rap songs for the hardcore Lupe fans.

On the public’s response from new single ‘B*tch Bad’:

I got a whole lot of love for it from several different places from Lupe fans and from people that it snuck up on by accident like ‘oh that’s dope, I think that’. So yeah it’s an interesting think thats growing and it’s still a baby record, a lot of people still haven’t heard it so everyday I get new feedback like ‘aw man we love that, that’s dope’.

On rumors that he’s dating a white girl:

Who’s dating a white girl? Where did you here that? What blog? What pictures? It’s too vague, the Internet is a funky place. I’m gonna refute that.

On the recent drama surrounding the Jackson family feud:

I didn’t even know what was going on; I’ve been so into this grind and then it’s Ramadan so I’m fasting and just locked in focused on radio promo and interviews and stuff like that for the past week. So I’ve been out of the loop, I apologize.

On why he decided to grow dreads:

I just always wanted long hair. I was like I’m at a place where I’m famous enough and crazy enough where people will be like ‘Aw man he’s crazy, he can do whatever he wants’. It’s not gonna get that long its not that serious. It’s an experience to have while I still have hair.

For all things Lupe, follow him @LupeFiasco.

[Photo: Pharoh Martin/]