Saweetie Doesn’t Want To Be Boxed In As The ‘Good College Girl’: That’s Bulls***

Saweetie Doesn’t Want To Be Boxed In As The ‘Good College Girl’: That’s Bulls***

Rapper Saweetie (real name Diamonté Harper), 27, is addressing her critics who think she can’t relate to the hood because of her education.

Most famous for her hits “Icy Girl” and “Tap In,” the Bay Area rapper graduated with a communications degree from the University of Southern California in 2016.

She spoke on the criticism she’s received for having an education and told Elite Daily:

“I think one of the boxes that people, critics, whoever, were trying to put me into was the ‘good college girl.’ And the good college girl doesn’t turn up, she doesn’t rap nasty, she’s perfect and she has no problems. That was bullsh*t.”

In addition, she also got candid about her racial identity, noting her difficulty with growing up half Filipino and half black.

  “I’ve always experienced people feeling that I wasn’t Asian enough, or I’m not Black enough. And it’s just like, what is Asian enough and what is Black enough? Please break it down for me.”

Despite the difference in cultures, the rapper chose to highlight the connections, talking about her shared experiences growing up:

 “The similarities [between my Black and Filipino families] are respect, good food, big families. The clashes were personalities. My Black side is more extroverted and my Filipino side is a little bit more reserved. Both threw big parties. Both had a really good time, but I think it helped me understand that no two groups of people are the same but should still be respected. I’m very grateful for having that insight at such an early age.”

And if she wasn’t an all-star rapper, Saweetie said she would want to be a party planner.

“I study people and I know what they like. I figure out what their favorite colors are. I really love just making other people happy. It’s just like … It gets me off but not in that way. It’s so much fun making someone else excited.”

She also talked about being compared to other women in the rap industry.

““The women who came before me served as inspiration. I just don’t like when people compare and contrast to pit women against each other or to put another woman down. I definitely feel like women have to fight, and not just in music, but also in the corporate world or in any other industry.”

In addition to her own successful career, Saweetie has also drawn attention because of her relationship with Migos Rapper Quavo (real name Quavious Keyate Marshall), 29. The two have been dating since 2018.

Saweetie and Quavo

She said of their relationship:

“I think the way I was raised, there was a lot of pride, not a lot of explaining why some actions happen. I carried that into my love life and that’s not how love operates. You have to put pride aside and you have to be willing to work through problems through communication. I feel like we have to really understand someone to love them because after the honeymoon phase, it’s just kind of not the honeymoon phase. And if you really love someone, you want to understand them.”

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Authored by: Toi Monèt Creel