Trina & Towanda Braxton Say They Talked To Tamar About Continuing ‘Braxton Family Values’ Without Her

Trina & Towanda Braxton Say They Talked To Tamar About Continuing ‘Braxton Family Values’ Without Her

Tamar Braxton’s recent hospitalization was a major part of the trailer for the upcoming season of WeTV’s “Braxton Family Values. And Tamar Braxton later made it clear she wasn’t happy about it.


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Now, two of her sistersTowanda Braxton and Trina Braxton said they’ve spoken to Tamar Braxton recently, and had a conversation about continuing the family’s hit reality show without her, as she walked away from the series. Tamar Braxton will appear in the first couple of episodes as she filmed with her family before COVID-19 arose earlier this year.

Trina Braxton told Entertainment Tonight that Tamar Braxton’s hospitalization needed to be a topic on the show because it impacted all of them.

“Tamar’s experience with the network is not necessarily mine or anyone else’s experience with the show. However, those things still have to be addressed. If we did not address the fact that it happened, people would wonder, why didn’t you guys say anything about what happened? So it’s like, you’re darned if you do and you’re darned if you don’t kind of thing.”

Tamar Braxton

Trina Braxton and Towanda Braxton added that they “grappled with” whether they wanted to keep the show going, and they decided to move forward. Trina Braxton said they had a conversation with Tamar on their decision to keep the show going without her. She continued:

“I mean, this is a yield sign not a stop sign. You have to take pause, and you have to really evaluate the reason why we even did the show in the first place, and it was to show people that we go through the same things that everyone else goes through — and this situation is not exempt from it. You know, as long as we continue to help people, we’ll continue to have a show. And if we stop helping people, then it’s time to go off the air — including ourselves.”

While Tamar said she’s done with reality TV forever, the sisters said they’d be happy to welcome her back. Trina said:

“Tamar needs to get to a place where she wants to do things, as opposed to what we want for her. It has to be what she wants for herself. … So, we have to respect that and, you know, forge on, and if we come to a place where we can work on something else in the future, then we will. But it has to be her decision because we want to make sure that her mental wellness is first and foremost.”

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