Keke Wyatt & Her Son Rahjah Recall His Battle W/ Cancer: I Was Literally Dying & We Didn’t Know

Keke Wyatt & Her Son Rahjah Recall His Battle W/ Cancer: I Was Literally Dying & We Didn’t Know

Keke Wyatt and her 18-year-old son Rahjah had quite the scare recently as he was diagnosed with cancer. Now that he’s cancer-free, the two have shared their journey in a YouTube video.

The mother of 10 recalled the first time she realized something wasn’t right and said he had:

“a horrible problem when we went to Six Flags. [He]  “sat in one spot at the park and was like, ‘Mom, I literally can not move.'”

She continued:

“You couldn’t walk. You couldn’t do anything.”

He added:

“Because I was dying! I was literally dying and we didn’t know.”

Another sign was that he had lost his appetite, which is what ultimately caused her to reach out to the doctor. Keke Wyatt told him:

“You dropped weight drastically. [The doctor] was like, ‘Okay, let’s just run some blood. Let’s just check some blood, tests some blood and see.'”

She said the doctor called her back late one night and said Rahjah needed to be taken to the hospital immediately. She added that she was “being dramatic” when she asked the doctor if it was cancer, and had no idea the physician would actually say “yes.”

“Honey, my butthole fell on the floor. My throat hit my butt and my butt hit the floor. I couldn’t believe it. I said, ‘What kind of cancer?’ And when she said leukemia, honey, my teeth literally started chattering.”

That was just the beginning of their journey as Rahjah suffered a “code blue” incident after his brain “swelled up,” Keke Wyatt said.

She told her son:

“Man, that’s crazy. Whenever something happens with you, the whole hospital pops up at your door. Everybody had something to do on you. That was the scariest crap I had ever been through in my life. If there was ever a time in my life where I would lose my mind, that would be the day,”

Fortunately, Rahjah no longer has cancer. In fact, Keke Wyatt titled the video:


Continued prayers for Keke Wyatt, Rahjah, and their family!

Authored by: Char Patterson