Gunna – Prosecutors Allege A Nurse Attempted To Smuggle Cocaine In Jail For Him

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Gunna – Prosecutors Allege A Nurse Attempted To Smuggle Cocaine In Jail For Him

There may be more legal issues involving Gunna

As previously reported, on Thursday (June 7) Atlanta rapper Gunna, 29, was denied bond for the second time. Reports state that Gunna, born Sergio Giavanni Kitchens, will remain in prison until his trial which is set to take place in January 2023. 

In addition to this, prosecutors alleged in court that a nurse attempted to smuggle a bag marijuana and cocaine into the prison on Saturday (May 14) for the 29-year-old. The nurse was confronted by a deputy which led her to drop the narcotics contraband and flee the scene. Authorities eventually arrested the accused nurse in Mississippi after she spent a month on the run.

In court prosecutors argued:

“Inside that bag was a list of people for medical records in the Fulton County Jail. One of those people on that list was Mr. Kitchens.” 

Gunna’s attorney, Steve Sadow, denies the accusations. Steve Sadow said: 

“None of the allegations made today, these so-called new allegations, are accurate.” 

Based on the look on Gunna’s parents face amid the judges decisions, Steve Sadow added:

“All they’re looking for is their son to get a fair shake, and they don’t think that’s happening so far.” 

The judge also cited concerns that Gunna may threaten or intimidate witnesses if he is released before his trail. On Wednesday (June 6) the judge issued an order demanding defense attorneys to withhold witness information from their clients.  

On Monday (May 9), Gunna, rapper Young Thug and 26 others were arrested on Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations charges. Prosecutors allege the rappers caused multiple murders, armed robberies, and participation in criminal street gang activity. Gunna is facing one count of conspiracy to violate the RICO Act. Court for an alleged offense was committed in 2013.

In court on Thursday prosecutors said: 

“He is a member of the Shady Park Crips out of south Fulton. He is under an investigation at this point in time by more than one law enforcement agency concerning at least two homicides committed by that gang during this time.”

Steve Sadow reiterated that Gunna didn’t participate in any “so-called Shady Park Crips matters.”

On Tuesday (June 14) Gunna posted a statement on Instagram regarding his RICO arrest. The rapper’s caption said:

“22 & 2, just a bed & a shower, no windows just walls. Can’t see or talk to anyone. I’m writing now & still praying everyday . I was raised to fight fire with water, even tho my country’s amendments have failed me! PROTECT BLACK ART!”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill