KeKe Wyatt Says She’s NOT Pregnant W/ Baby #11 + Denies Getting A Stimulus Check: I Don’t Live Off The Government Baby!

KeKe Wyatt Says She’s NOT Pregnant W/ Baby #11 + Denies Getting A Stimulus Check: I Don’t Live Off The Government Baby!

Soulful singer KeKe Wyatt wants the public to mind their own business! Rumors recently swirled that the mother of ten children was expecting her eleventh when footage surfaced of KeKe Wyatt singing with friend Jennifer Hudson. Only seven months after welcoming baby number 10, KeKe Wyatt rocked a silver sequin gown, with her mid-section appearing to show a round bulge.

However, KeKe Wyatt says she is not pregnant again! In an Instagram Live session, she said:

“My body ain’t even healed! Your body needs a whole year to heal…I’m not gettin’ ready to be no jacka** dummy. And even if I wanted to- I’m grown! This is my body…my husband’s body. We can do what we wanna do. If we was havin’ a baby we would say somethin’…”

Showing off her tiny waist, the 38-year-old attributes the bulge to bearing her children over the years:

“I think God that I have the little belly I have after all these children I chose to have. I didn’t get no stimulus check, I didn’t get none of that. So everybody that keep talkin’ all this stimulus check mess- I don’t live off the government, baby. I live off the Holy Ghost, my work, and my husband. We don’t need the government’s money….but guess what? It’s called quarantine, and sometimes you be a little thick- especially when you happy! After three- oh my God. I’m finally happy in my life! Let me be happy. If my cheeks are a little thicker – top and bottom – and my belly might be a little full, ’cause mama done had a good ol’ steak dinner or some good ol’ somethin’…”

Lastly, KeKe Wyatt listed the order of all her children, demonstrating how long she waits before conceiving each time:

“You wanna start from the top to the bottom. My oldest is three years older than my second oldest. They were two years apart from my little girl who passed away and died. Then, my daughter, Ke’Tarah- her and Rahjah are five years apart…he’s 17- about to be 18, and she’s 11, ’bout to be 12…then MiMi and Ke’Mar are two whole years apart. Ke’Mar and Wyatt are two whole years apart. Wyatt and Bella and three whole years apart. Bella and Kendall are almost three whole years apart. Kendall and Ke’Riah are almost three whole years apart.”

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Authored by: Miata Shanay